Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In memoriam Wendy Cleal

Woman with ME found dead in her home after fire

A GWENT woman was found dead in her home by a friend, two days after a fire in the house. The body of Monmouthshire massage therapist Wendy Cleal, 46, was found after police were called at 1.20pm on Tuesday when worried friends raised the alarm.

It then emerged that a fire had broken out at the Catbrook house on Sunday night, burning itself out and the tragic death remaining undiscovered until Tuesday.

South Wales Fire and Rescue investigator Matt Jones said the most likely cause of Miss Cleal's death was smoke inhalation after a small fire which extinguished itself.

It is understood that investigations centre around a portable heater found at the house.

Miss Cleal’s sister Janice Love said yesterday her family are “raw and completely in shock”.

She added: “It’s really hard, we’re devastated and Wendy will be badly missed.”

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