Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr. Montoya and ME/CFS

by Cort, December 22nd, 2010:

Dr. Montoya runs the Infectious Disease Clinic at Stanford University. His 50 plus publications have focused on wide range of pathogens including toxoplasma, encephalomyelitis, herpesvirus 6, cytomegalovirus, acanthoamoeba, and many more etc.

A preliminary study several years ago suggesting that antiviral therapy returned a large percentage of the recipients to health sent a jolt through the ME/CFS Community. A followup study will soon be released.

He recently sent a letter to his patients and supporters that caught them up to date on his work and his plans for chronic fatigue syndrome and other chronic inflammatory infectious disorders. He is another example of a respected researcher that has made a strong commitment to chronic fatigue syndrome - something we can all be grateful for.

If he's successful at what he's attempting to do he'll achieve one of the great goals of ME/CFS research; he'll define a group or groups of patients using biomarkers giving them legitimacy and providing them treatments and shepherding them into the embrace of the US medical system. Of course he'll be doing that under the umbrella of one of the more prestigious Universities in the world.

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