Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A fate that narcissistic CBT Professors will hate: Being Ignored

By CHARLES ZANOR, (a psychologist in West Springfield, Mass.) November 29, 2010

Narcissists, much to the surprise of many experts, are in the process of becoming an endangered species.

Not that they face imminent extinction -- it's a fate much worse than that. They will still be around, but they will be ignored.

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (due out in 2013, and known as DSM-5) has eliminated five of the 10 personality disorders that are listed in the current edition.

Narcissistic personality disorder is the most well-known of the five, and its absence has caused the most stir in professional circles.

One of the sharpest critics of the DSM committee on personality disorders is a Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. John Gunderson, an old lion in the field of personality disorders and the person who led the personality disorders committee for the current manual.

Asked what he thought about the elimination of narcissistic personality disorder, he said it showed how unenlightenedthe personality disorders committee is.

They have little appreciation for the damage they could be doing.

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