Monday, December 13, 2010

A great new asset to WPI and a wonderful holiday gift for XMRV/ME RESEARCH

By: Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones MD
Santa Fe, NM

I have been given the incredible opportunity to chair the newly forming Clinical Advisory Board for the WPI. This group will interface with a Scientific Advisory Board to interpret the unfolding science for medical purposes.

It promises to be an unprecedented fusion of diverse talent.

The WPI is committed to sharing any clinically relevant scientific information that may advance our current approach to the disease.

Patients need meaningful treatment now, not in a few years. From my perspective as a patient, progress seems excruciatingly slow, but ... Read more>>

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

- a Xmas carol
(sung to the tune of 'We Three Kings')

Give psychiatrists all funding for M.E.
Totally illogical
'Cos M.E.'s neurological
We're accountable to no-one,you see.

O! PACE trial of blunders, PACE trial of gobshite
Selection procedures just not right
Taxpayers we're bleeding - £5 million needing
PACE trial is M.E.s darkest night

CBT's daft - does nothing at all.
Charlatan,Whitewash,Sharke,Weasely all
Provide it but just can't hide it
Really is a complete load of ball(s).

O! PACE trial of blunders...etc.

Pacing's really just common sense
(work it out for yourself,you're not dense)
Who can tell it, when Weasels sell it
Wrapped up as pseudo-science?

O! Pace trial of blunders...etc.

Graded exercise, evil curse
Makes neurological M.E. much worse
The theory's unsound. Makes the bedbound
Finally leave the house - in a hearse.

O! PACE trial of blunders...etc.

Weasels confused fatigue with M.E.
And they've done it deliberately!
It's so funny,
We give them money
And we all deny XMRV

O! PACE trial of blunders...etc.


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