Sunday, January 2, 2011

Are anti viral drugs for ME/CFS illegal in the UK ?

by Xmrv Humanrightsnow on Sunday, January 2, 2011:

Anti Viral drugs for ME/CFS are illegal in the UK under 2009 NHS Guidelines. Yes, you heard that correctly. Drugs for infection cannot be given.

Enforced sickness by order of the DOH (Department of Health).

A drug trial in the UK (using anti virals in UK ME patients) was halted mid trial, because of these guidelines.

Guidelines that recommened GE/CBT and Pacing to treat ME as a 'chronic fatigue' disorder (F48.0), and certainly not treating ME as a biological organic disease which it is. (ICD-10 G93.3).

This is what the state can do to its people under socialised medical health care systems when,they design and cause disease epidemics. You pay tax, you get psychiatry, no questions.

There is no private health care insurance for any chronic disease in the UK, including ME/CFS, and no choice. All ... Read more>>

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