Monday, January 10, 2011

FORBES journalist may be Fatally Flawed

By rejoyce2b:

I am but a lowly CFS/CFIDS sufferer (24 yrs.)I am an educated woman who follows ALL the news concerning ALL the findings of XMRV researchers. I suggest that you do the same before writing such an insensitive, incorrect,and blatantly out of date article.

I will let the above comments, especially those from joanne 60, stand for what is the most logical explanation to these ridiculous, SIMULTANEOUS, studies. Hue, et al is a “flawed” study. THAT is what you SHOULD be reporting on.

The real issue is: Why were four articles published the same day in Retrovirology?

Why don’t you go back to the drawing board and do some INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM that might be a meaningful expose of the politics behind these orchestrated “studies”?

Do you have an AGENDA as well? Or do you just have a need to see your name in print with a sensational article that does damage to the FORBES name for journalism?

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