Thursday, January 6, 2011

A seismic event in the coverage of ME/CFS

The CFS Patient Advocate:

David Tuller wrote a very fine journalistic piece on ME/CFS in the NY Times today. The article first appeared online, and later in print in the Science section of the daily paper. Thousands of people will read this article.

An astute reader of this blog points out in a comment that the Patient Advocate has been critical of the coverage of the NY Times regarding the subject of ME/CFS. This is a correct statement- and the PA's criticism was well-founded. Today's article indicates a seismic event in the coverage of this story by the NY Times, and it is a very important positive shift in the balance of power in this "retroviral association" struggle.

The Patient Advocate's son Nicholas asks the essential question. Why did the NY Times decide to publish this now? Read more>>

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