Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Tale of Bureaucracy, Money, and Belief

Caroline T. Anderson (Author):

Dozens of women are falling ill in a rural, Ohio town. The symptoms are all the same: extreme fatigue, swollen glands, exercise intolerance, difficulty with memory and concentration, dizziness, and joint pain.

The novel uses extensively researched data on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or ME/CFS, as it follows the investigation by a local reporter and the town doctor into the cause of the outbreak. The pair uncover a decades-old plot by insurance companies to paint ME/CFS as a psychosomatic illness to avoid making billions in payments as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention closes its eyes to the situation.

The investigation turns violent as the community get closer to uncovering the truth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its link to infectious viruses.

Set on horse farms run by tough women, `Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Novel' exposes the money motive that has stifled research into the illness, which has ruined the lives of millions of Americans. Price: $9.99

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