Sunday, January 16, 2011

When psychiatrists get this illness they stop believing in their silly psychosomatic beliefs

By Ken Davis:

Dr Diego and Skeptic (too gutless to use their own name) are ignorant fools.

The most recent meta analysis of these “miraculous treatments” for “somatisation disorder” show their effect is moderate at best, harmful to up to 50% of participants and loses even this moderate effectiveness as severity worsens.

That is before you begin to examine the methodological problems in these studies such as lack of OBJECTIVE outcome measures (

What amazes me is the way that physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other healthcare workers change their minds about this condition when they experience it themselves.

Believers in psychosomatic theories become instant converts to biological determinism and begin to see the limits of positive thinking and rehabilitative efforts.

I wonder what changes their minds?

Maybe the results of their efforts to apply their treasured theories to their own situation. Graded exercise therapy made my condition much worse, even when implemented most scientifically. CBT helps a little, sometimes, but is certainly not working at present.

— Ken Davis

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