Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why is an illness like ME a matter of state security ?

Source: Make some Noise for M.E!:

Meanwhile, in the UK, there is a “secret" file (FD 23/4553/1) on ME/Post Viral Fatigue, containing 40 pages inherited by the Medical Research Council, at the National Archives, Kew.

This file covers a period from 1988 – 1997 and carries an original status of “Closed for 73 years”. It cannot be accessed under the Freedom of Information Act until 1st January 2071; many years after most, if not all, of those currently afflicted will be dead!

Why? This type of ruling is usually of thirty years duration and covers documents concerning the formulation of government policy, documents related to defence, to national security, to the economy, and documents that are considered very confidential.

How can an illness be a matter of state security? Even the Official Secrets Act has been invoked! Read more>>

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