Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Benefit fraud inspectors now use tiny cameras hidden in Pepsi cans

Amelia Gentleman
The Guardian, Tuesday 1 February 2011:

"When you are doing surveillance, you have to remain covert," he says. He has pulled in by a hedge, a good, inconspicuous position, he says, because it is not on someone else's doorstep. The sky is still purple-black, and passers-by would have to strain to see the two benefit fraud investigators sitting in the front of the car.

The men are responding to an anonymous tip-off to the national benefit fraud hotline. Someone, probably a neighbour or friend whom she's fallen out with, has alleged that the woman who lives here and who is claiming benefits as a lone parent is living with a partner.

If true, and particularly if that man is working, she is not entitled to most of the benefits she is receiving and can be prosecuted. The fraud investigation service is here today for a preliminary check to see if the allegation appears justified; ... Read more>>

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