Sunday, February 13, 2011

Erasing the interface between psychiatry and medicine

February 13, 2011 — meagenda:

Under the guise of “eliminating stigma” and eradicating “terminology [that] enforces a dualism between psychiatric and medical conditions” the American Psychiatric Association (APA) appears hell bent on colonising the entire medical field by licensing the application of a mental health diagnosis to all medical diseases and disorders.

While a stream of often acerbic commentaries from two former DSM Task Force chairs, Allen Frances and Robert Spitzer, have focussed on the implications for introducing new additions into the DSM and broadening the definitions of existing diagnostic criteria, the DSM-5 “Somatic Symptom Disorders” Work Group (Chair, Joel E Dimsdale) has been quietly redefining DSM’s “Somatoform Disorders” categories with proposals that if approved, would legitimise the application of an additional diagnosis of “Somatic Symptom Disorder” to all medical diseases and disorders.

Radical proposals for ... Read more>>

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cinderkeys said...

The interesting thing is, individual psychologists and psychiatrists are often not the bad guys here. We've all heard stories where doctors tell someone afflicted with ME to see a therapist, and the therapist says, "I can't help you. You have a real disease. Tell your doctors to quit sending you to psychiatrists."

I wonder if there's a way to get those folks to advocate for people with denigrated diseases. When somebody with ME says "It's not all in my head," many won't believe. When a doctor says, "It's not in their heads," more people will believe. When a psychiatrist says, "It's not in their heads -- and I'm not going to take their money to treat them because I can't help them," even more people will believe.


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