Sunday, February 20, 2011

Even Action for ME (AfME) condemned the PACE trial

Posted on 19th February, 2011 by Indigo Jo:

On Thursday, the results of a trial of various supposed methods of treating what the authors insist on calling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome were published, and to nobody’s great surprise, the most successful methods were found to be Graded Exercise Treatment and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy while a pacing technique was found to be the least effective.

The study has been condemned by all but one of the British ME organisations, the so-called Association of Young people with ME (AYME). They were reported as saying they hoped the study would allay fears about Graded Exercise Treatment being harmful.

AYME are remarkably isolated on this issue, and their inner circle are out of touch with not only the patient and advocacy community at large but also much of their own membership. They are surely aware that members have abandoned them lately over the therapies advanced by their medical adviser, Esther Crawley, as did one of their Patrons, Dr Nigel Speight, in 2009.

Even Action for ME (AfME), which also has a reputation for not rocking the boat with the medical establishment, have come out and said that their members have reported that GET has been harmful to their health. Similar findings have been reported since the 1980s, and there have been many documented cases of patients’ health, and their lives, being ruined by over-exertion, often encouraged by doctors.

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