Monday, February 21, 2011

GULF WAR: The Terrible War After the War and the Enduring Stain Of Neglect

February 18, 2011 posted by Denise Nichols:

As we look at twenty years since the Gulf War 1990-91/Operation Desert Storm the writer has to wonder have we made headway? The writer wants the President, the VA, the DOD, the legislators both US Senators and Representatives to hear from the veterans that counted on our government to do the right thing morally and ethically.

If we had really been tuned into the history of the veterans of World War 1, Atomic Veterans, and Agent Orange Veterans we would not have been so deceived.

Maybe the All Volunteer Force would not have been reality. Maybe a draft would still be in affect. But the troops felt it a DUTY, A Sacred Duty to serve their country. They were well educated and trained. Many were college graduates, almost all had completed high school and had a beginning on college level education, in total a different profile than the Vietnam Veterans. Many had families with military traditions and service.

These were strong healthy, physically fit, and well trained active duty and then we had reserves that had on the whole prior duty experience that wanted to continue in some form their duty to the military and the country.

So it is with that background that we sent healthy and educated troops to the Gulf War in 1990-91, they were not shrinking violets or gold brickers far from it, they were the ones that would shun going to sick call! They were achievers! Read more>>

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