Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prof. Roald Omdal: ME/CFS is a chronic inflammatory disease, it is NOT psychosomatic

by Support doctors treating CFS on Saturday, February 12, 2011:

written by : Marc Van Impe - belgian journalist
translated by :M.Siem

No imaginary illness
Image of CFS is disastrous for patients

“Over the past fifteen years quite a few misunderstandings deliberately have been spread around te world", writes MARC VAN IMPE. He both explains and suggests why this has happened.

Few diseases create as much controversy as CFS. Care providers, legislators and journalists tend to react irritated when this disease is discussed. Lack of knowledge and a deliberately created false image are the cause.

According to Professor Daniel Blockmans, the two doctors who offer their CFS patients a biomedical approach are 'quacks'. The scientific world agrees that CFS is a psychosomatic disease, according to the Louvain professor.

However, there is scientific literature to contradict this view at every moment.
Prof. Roald Omdal from Norwegian Stavanger University Hospital, publishes this month in Reumathology the latest findings on the biological mechanism of chronic fatigue.

He employs a clear distinction between depression and chronic fatigue. CFS is different, Omdal writes, because this is a chronic inflammatory disease. The thesis that CFS is a psychosomatic disorder is radically denied by Omdal. Read more>>

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