Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why is the Australian Government not funding XMRV Research ?

February 22, 2011sleepysunshine:

The first real story here is why the Whittemore Peterson Institute receives no Government Funding for their XMRV Research. Is this ethically and morally acceptable ?

The second story here is why the Australian Government is not funding XMRV Research that backs the WPI when over 300,000 Australians are most likely known to be infected with this Infectious Gamma Retrovirus.

The third story is that when WPI Researchers found XMRV in the prostate epithelium in 23% of the most aggressive malignant prostate tumours in man they were concerned it may be a sexually transmitted disease and so began researching Breast Cancer and found 27% of the Breast Cancers that kill women were infected with XMRV.

In the long and devastating history of cancer, ... Read more>>

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