Friday, April 22, 2011

Absolutely brilliant! Badger's guide to the utterly confusing world of GP2 liveries

Jules Bianchi's Lotus ART, which has nothing to do with the Team Lotus F1 squad who share its livery
by Jimmy Von Weeks on Apr 22nd, 2011,

GP2: it's the now-dominant F1 feeder series that can lay claim to great racing, exciting young talents and some of the most confusing liveries in the world of motorsport. Not sure what we're on about? Then listen up - it's a bit complicated.

The casual fan - indeed, anyone who hadn't done some digging on the situation - would assume that the green and gold Lotus-livered ART car below was linked to Tony Fernandes' Team Lotus. After all, they run in the same iconic livery as the F1 squad. That just makes sense.

But actually they're not connected to Tony's lot at all. French powerhouse ART now run in green and gold following a sponsorship link-up with Group Lotus, the car company who are also backing Nick Heidfeld and Vitaly Petrov's black and gold Renaults this season. And yes, that is a bit confusing.

But let's make it even more confusing. Read more>>

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