Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby delivered in hospital car park

By Emma Matthews, Monday, April 25, 2011:

A COUPLE have spoken of the dramatic arrival of their baby in a hospital car park.

Olivia McEwan had to be delivered by her dad after mum Charlotte Bamford went into labour on the way to the QMC.

The couple had left their home in Beeston after Charlotte started getting regular, frequent contractions.

But by the time they got to the roundabout next to the QMC the baby's head had already appeared.

They pulled up in front of the hospital's main entrance, but too late to halt the arrival of their 6lb 14oz daughter.

She was born in front of onlookers and helpers in the passenger seat of their Renault Laguna.

"I am out of the shame phase and starting to see the funny side now," said Miss Bamford, 24.

"I was really worried about Olivia at first. I was scared I had hurt her neck. She was almost shoved into the glove box. But she was fine."

Her fiancé, Martin McEwan, 26, had to deliver Olivia.

"I almost had a heart attack," he said. "It took me about four hours to stop shaking afterwards. We had no idea what we were doing and we were both terrified."

The engaged couple, from Beeston, said they caused quite a scene when they pulled up to the main entrance of the QMC, with Mr McEwan calling out for help from a security guard.

"I delivered her," said Mr McEwan. "But I basically just had to catch her as she came out.

"There were lots of doctors already running to us, and one of them cut the umbilical cord.

"We had a blanket in the back seat of the car, so I wrapped her up in there and ran inside. There were about 20 people following us inside."

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