Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coming out of hospital in an even worse condition than she went in


Jenny came out of hospital on Thursday 14th April. She had originally been admitted by her doctor as an emergency admission into the Acute Medical Unit on 7th April. She has come out of hospital in an even worse condition than she went in. We hope the damage isn’t permanent.

Jenny was in a very vulnerable position as she was barely able to talk. The many doctors she saw were bullying and abusive and (even admitted) that they didn’t know anything about M.E. They told her to get up and exercise and that there was nothing wrong with her. However, there was 1 doctor on the Acute Medical Unit who was nice to Jenny (who saw Jenny’s body’s reaction when they made her sit up for the chest X-ray – Jenny blacked out and her body went into convulsions).

She was then moved to Guist Ward for the weekend, where they were measuring her fluid input and output, taking blood tests etc. None of the nurses or doctors really understood M.E. and she had to try to educate them. The noise and constant activity of people coming into the room and making Jenny do things has completely physically decimated her body. There were one or two kind nurses and doctors, but they were few and far between. Read more>>

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Anonymous said...

This is awful. This is how Lynn Gilderdale was repeatedly tortured in hospital.


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