Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Follow up letter to President Obama

Posted by Heidi Bauer, MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011:

Dear Mr. President,

Those with the CDC named "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" have begun to rise up against the oppression this name and our government institutes have imposed on our disease. We have suffered abuse for years as scientists and politicians, often one and the same, catered to the UK belief that because they could not find a quick and easy cause to our long list of physical complaints, it must be "all in our heads". I have suffered for 16 years from excruciating pain, exhaustion, vertigo, neurological issues, chronic painful lymph nodes, and weeks on end of viral fevers. I'm one of the lucky ones. I have friends who experience seizures, cannot walk, feed themselves, or take care of daily hygiene. They have been left to rot by the wayside as politicians listen to scientists recommend the disease needs no more than $5million total a year for research. One HIV research project can be granted twice that sum.

I beg you to hear the urgency of our pleas in this community. The internet is all we have from our beds and homes to convey our distress. Because of our inability to march on DC, we have been sitting ducks to the psychological lobbying that has occurred for 25 years. This disease has a potential underlying cause ... Read more>>

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