Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is XMRV a man-made recombinant retrovirus that is infecting humankind ?

6:41 April 9, 2011, zac wrote:

I haven’t watched the conference proceedings, yet, so thank-you Amy for coverage on this conference. I sure like what you quoted from Alter.

“Alter said that he found Coffin’s data about the origins of XMRV “very convincing,” but questions the “next step” in Coffin’s suggestion, that the XMRV findings in patients are the result of contamination.”

I guess he’s suggesting XMRV may not be a natural retrovirus, but that it’s a man-made recombinant retrovirus that is infecting humankind. That is just as bad, and probably worse than a natural retrovirus. It means we could be engineering retroviruses that are spreading in humankind.

I don’t want to think about this possibility. It’s a very bad scenario.

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Anonymous said...

f it is a man made retrovirus, that would account for the enormous sums and money and effort going into covering it up.


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