Friday, April 8, 2011

The Potential Importance of the XMRV Retrovirus to Autism

Kent Heckenlively, Contributing Editor to Age of Autism, April 08, 2011:

Although I’ve been a science teacher for the past five years I find that when I’m confronted with new information I want to explain to people I fall back on the strategies I used during the fifteen years I was a lawyer. I hope you'll consider this article in that light, as essentially an opening statement.

I think it’s important to note I don’t refer to this as a closing argument. I consider this to be the beginning of a discussion, not the end.

In a typical opening statement a lawyer reviews the evidence, the theories which will be presented, but doesn’t go into exceptional detail to prove every single point. That’s what the trial is for. And so, while each one of the points I want to make could be abundantly expanded upon, my intention is to present a brief overview of the major issues regarding the potential importance of the XMRV retrovirus to autism.

As a reader I think you'll be impressed by the number of observations which can be explained as a consequence of XMRV infection. Similarly, disturbing questions are raised about the role of vaccines in the spread of this retrovirus. When our understanding of how XMRV disregulates the immune system is as complete as ... Read more>>

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Anonymous said...

I have severe M
E & my only child is autistic - why is there no research being done on the large numbers of ME sufferers who have autistic children?


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