Thursday, April 14, 2011

An unimaginably wretched life due to ME/CFS and CBT psychiatry blocking any research progress

Peter Dominiczak,, 14 Apr 2011:

A mother who helped to end the life of her daughter who was bedridden by ME told today about the moments leading up to her death.

Kay Gilderdale, who was cleared of attempted murder last year, said her daughter, Lynn, told her: "I can't take any more. I can't go on," before asking her for a fatal dose of morphine.

Lynn, who died aged 31, had been talking about suicide for two years and had been diagnosed with the condition, which causes chronic fatigue, when she was 14. She went from being an active teenager to requiring round-the-clock care.

In her new book, One Last Goodbye, Mrs Gilderdale describes the moment in December 2008 when she decided to help her "beloved" daughter end her "unimaginably wretched" life.

Mrs Gilderdale, 56, from Stonegate in East Sussex, wrote: "She had to be fed through a tube. She had to remain horizontal because sitting up made her lose consciousness and she lay on a sheepskin rug to prevent bedsores. Read more>>

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