Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dr Ila Singh says there are NO Lombardi et al patients in her XMRV study!!!


quotes from podcast,

Vincent Racaniello:
"Are these different patients from the science study?"

Ila Singh:
"Yes, they are completely different patients from the science."

Ila Singh:
"Finally, an ideal study would use at least one method that has resulted in detection of XMRV in a previous study, preferably using a set of samples that were analyzed in that same previous study and are ‘known’ positives or negatives. In order to avoid any possibility of contamination, it is important that these shared samples not go to any research lab for patient deidentification or aliquoting, but instead go from the phlebotomy lab directly to the researchers who will do the testing."

Vincent Racaniello
"It could be for CFS it is a different tissue, right?"

Ila Singh:
"Yea, it could be the brain for example, who knows right"

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Anonymous said...

I believe she's referring to the study participants selected by Dr. Bateman.

Another part of the study re-examined patients selected by Dr. Mikovits. Two of those were from the original Science study (according to Mikovits herself).

"She [Mikovits] tells Health Blog that not all of the 14 people who previously tested positive for XMRV were part of the original Science paper; only two of them were.

Light says in response: “The 14 patients who previously tested positive were all selected by Judy.”

I agree that various tissue samples in CFS patients need to be examined in relation to XMRV, and that this study is in no way conclusive.


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