Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dr Teitelbaum: "the XMRV debate has yet to be resolved"

By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD,

I suspect that the XMRV debate has yet to be resolved – and I have discussed repeatedly what is needed to resolve it, which is fairly simple to do. The WPI needs to be sent blinded blood samples from a mix of patients with CFS (with and without a viral onset) and healthy controls. If, by doing their XMRV test, they can tell which samples came from CFS vs. which came from healthy patients significantly better than chance, then it is worth pursuing. If not, then not. It can be fairly straightforward.

In the meantime, it is okay to ignore the debate, and focus on the wealth of other exciting new research and treatment advances in CFS, so you can get your life back now – while we wait for the XMRV question to sort itself out.

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