Monday, November 21, 2011

Just wanted to say how much we all appreciate you

Picture kindly supplied by Jo.

Just wanted to say how much we all appreciate you. You have brought hope to the M.E. community and I can't say thank you enough.

See also: A big thank you to Dr. Judy Mikovits


Sarah Lawry said...

I fully support Dr Mikovits. For those that aren't aware of the politics, I believe Elaine de Freitas and her work was treated in an eerily similar fashion. This was in 1991, after she found retroviral fragments in folk with ME. The possible answers that we all need may be about to be buried again, and the career and liberty of a woman who is eminently qualified and motivated like no other to help us may be taken away.

Anonymous said...

Possibly Sarah, but those using their power to control our lives at present will themselves die.
I honestly believe that on the other side of death lies our Karma, and no matter how much money you had, how much power, friends in high places.......the rebalance of one's actions against humanity has to take place, like the pendulum of a clock being pulled to one side will cause it to swing the other way.


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