Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dr Friedman: exercise therapy would most likely kill the most severely affected

By Miriam E. Tucker, medscape.com::

Kenneth J. Friedman, PhD , a coauthor of an ME/CFS "primer" for clinicians and a former associate professor of pharmacology and physiology , New Jersey Medical School, Newark, pointed out another problem that the PACE trial shares with nearly every study done on ME/CFS: All have been conducted on ambulatory patients, leaving out the most severely affected, who are too sick to participate in studies.

"The extent to which the ambulatory population represents the spectrum of CFS patients is really not known," he told"Medscape Medical News". "If you're lying in bed and you can't move your head and you have to speak in whispers, GET therapy is not going to help you, and were you to attempt it, it would most likely kill you."

Dr Chalder declined to comment for this story.

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