Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Complex Pinocchio Disorder

We all know that the CBT fanatics have been lying about ME for decades. This time though, the Pinocchio specialists from the Netherlands have taken things to another level.

They have written a letter, attached as a PDF file, to Dr. Whittemore from the WPI, and they write some very interesting things indeed.

The Lancet, normally publishes their CBT rubbish without any hesitation, this time though, The Lancet has refused to publish the so called negative XMRV study.

They then offered it to the BMJ, the British Journal of CBT-ism, the Journal that was ruled for many years by Prof Wessely, and is still dancing to his tunes. So no surprise that they published this article.

However, before the article was published, the CBT fanatics from the Netherlands already knew that the American Institute did in fact detect the virus in some of the samples that were sent to them by the Dutch CBT fanatics. To then publish an article saying that the XMRV virus wasn't detected at all, was Pinocchio medicine at its best.

They should have at least mentioned the positive findings, even if they think, that it was caused by contamination, what else can they say when Pinocchio medicine rules their world.

The CBT fanatics however are so desperate to keep the millions coming for silly CBT that the article had to be published at any cost, and to deny the existence of this new virus.

I know that the GMC is investigating a silly case against Dr. Myhill, but it is very clear what they should be doing instead wouldn't you think ...

I hope for the British and the Dutch Pinocchio specialists, that none of them, nor any of their friends and relatives, will ever get ME, because then they will suddenly realise that they have been wasting millions on silly therapy, that they have wasted decades to NOT find proper treatment, and finally, they will be in for a huge shock, as ME is a shocking and very debilitating illness, which has got nothing to do with chronic fatigue.

But please keep on telling bogies, my dear CBT friends, as this seems to make you happy.

I have looked things up in the new DSM 5, written by Prof CBT himself, and I think that CBT -- ism is coded as Complex Pinocchio Disorder, with a high prevalence in a small area in London near the Thames and a small area in the eastern part of the Netherlands if Mr. Google is right.

By the way, does anybody know if there is any treatment for Complex Pinocchio Disorder? Please let me know if you do.

And if you are desperate to find out what the criteria are for this disorder, then please watch this short but superb video.


Blacksmith said...

I am aware of only one very effective treatment for Complex Pinocchio Disorder. It is called CBT - Cut Balls Therapy.

I hear it works very well.

Toadlily said...

~offers to lend out her snipping scissors~

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand how a discipline that pretends to be a science can have its practitioners so highly regarded in society. Psychiatry is basically woo of the highest order, second only to religion. It seem to be totally subjective and is actively attempting to redifine every feeling or action people have as a disease only treatable by drugs.

In a hundred years time when history looks back at our era I'm sure people will be wondering how psychiatrists managed to fool so many people so much of the time.

If you think I'm being harsh please vote for Labour :D

Anonymous said...

"I hope for the British and the Dutch Pinocchio specialists, that none of them, nor any of their friends and relatives, will ever get ME"

As a matter of fact: they do get ME and run away from CBT as fast as possible!
Here a link to the website of a Dutch ME patients association:

The article tells about a CBT therapist Karel van Riet, who was once a student from Prof. Bleijenberg (author of the Lancet publication: Prins, Bleijenberg et. al. 2001) who runs the 'famous' CBT "knowledge Centre of CFS" in the Netherlands.
Mr. van Riet became seriously ill with ME about 10 years ago and had to quit his job as a CBT therapist.

The writer of the article asked him: "So, as a therapist you must have been cured in less than no time?".
Mr.van Riet admitted this was not the case and told the journalist he had to go to the international well known ME-specialist Prof. Meirleir in Brussels, Belgium (and opponent of the CBT treatment) to get himself a proper treatment.
Even than he stayed seriously ill for many years and only recently started working again as a therapist.

These CBT docters/therapists can act strangely when becoming ill themselves!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are too kind hoping that the the british and dutch pinocchio specialists dont ever get ME. Im not that kind - I sincerely hope they do, if thats what it takes for them to achieve a modecom of umderstanding

Anonymous said...

It can be even more psycho:

In Belgium the medical practice of the same Prof. dr. de Meirleir is under investigation and two other docters: dr. Coucke and dr. Uyttersprot are being prosecuted for giving ME patients a proper medical treatment. They face the risk of being banned from medical practice.

In Belgium this trial is called “the circus” ( and ME-patient associations and patients of the two docters are planning a protest in Brussels on the 14th of march. (

The article “CBT for ME/CFS is one of the perversities of our time” (on this blog) is a translation of an article in the Belgian newspaper ‘De Standaard’:
and in this article the medical journalist Marc van Impe said about the two docters standing trial:

“What's more, is it not remarkable that a number of policy makers, including directors of health insurance funds, doctors and professors from various universities [in Belgium], have sent their CFS stricken family members for treatment to the two doctors who are now being prosecuted?”

These people not only ‘do get ME’ but they are shameless enough to prosecute the only docters in Belgium who are able and willing to give a proper medical treatment to their “CFS stricken family members”.
And Marc van Impe can know because dr. Uyterrsprot is his wife!!

Will CBT be sufficient for this mental behaviour or is a more serious treatment required??

Dr Speedy said...

See also: When CBT fanatico's get ME they run away from silly CBT as fast as possible !!


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