Sunday, December 30, 2007

ME and Incompetent doctors

Just going to the BMJ site and typing in the name of our beloved professor CBT or one of his friends will Get you the most amazing stuff, just read this for a change and be horrified again about the incompetence of…..

Oh, and see if you can come up with the answer to the following question. When were these two letters published in the BMJ???? Just read on and I will answer that question at the end……………

The letters are a response to an article called:

Chronic fatigue syndrome Role of psychological factors overemphasised

Distinguish between syndromes...

EDITOR, - I note that several people writing in the BMJ are still confusing Myalgic encephalomyelitis with the chronic fatigue syndrome.

I wish to clarify matters. From a scientist's point of view the main problem is not the term chronic fatigue syndrome but the various diagnostic criteria that go with it. For instance, the strict Australian definition adopted by Wilson et al is similar to that for Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

As a result, it is reasonably certain that in this article the two names probably refer to the same disease.

The "Oxford" criteria used in Britain, however, are far broader, covering all patients whose severe, unexplained fatigue has been present for at least half of the time and for at least six months. The only other requirements are that the fatigue must have had a definite onset and that it affects both physical and mental functioning. Unlike with the strict Australian definition, no immunological criteria have to be met.

Moreover, there do not have to be appreciable fluctuations in symptoms - still a major criterion for Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

In terms of prevalence, a recent study found that 17 of 686 (2.5%) attenders in general practice fulfilled the Oxford criteria for the chronic fatigue syndrome.

When a further four patients who did not meet the criterion of a definite onset were also included the estimated prevalence increased to 3%. In contrast, the prevalence of Myalgic encephalomyelitis rarely exceeds 1.5 per 1000.

Most patients who fulfil the Oxford criteria suffer not from Myalgic encephalomyelitis but from more common conditions, notably depression, anxiety states, sleep disorders, and fibromyalgia. None of these disorders occur in epidemics, and most are not associated with the neurological and immunological abnormalities found in Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Does the distinction between the chronic fatigue syndrome and Myalgic encephalomyelitis matter?

It depends.

According to recent research, treatments such as graded exercise which are helpful for the chronic fatigue syndrome do not generally benefit those with Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

On the other hand, combining all the fatigue syndromes together, implying that they share a common aetiology, and treating them in the same way would probably save the NHS and Medical Research Council some much needed money.

At the moment the confusion between the chronic fatigue syndrome and Myalgic encephalomyelitis makes it extremely difficult to interpret research and evaluate clinical trials.

Unfortunately, if authors of editorials do not start to distinguish between Myalgic encephalomyelitis and the other fatigue syndromes this is unlikely to improve.

E M Goudsmit

...and study them separately

Now I know Mrs Goudsmit is a leading psychologist in the UK, but I do not know who the following writer is, but it doesn’t make his/her letter less interesting. Far from it.

N Anderson wrote:

One side favours studying the chronic fatigue syndrome as a single entity, arguing that there is insufficient knowledge at present to differentiate between different chronic fatigue syndromes. This side prefers Sharpe et al's broad definition of the syndrome, which includes depressive illness, anxiety disorders, and the hyperventilation syndrome.

Unsurprisingly, studies that use these criteria find higher levels of depression (or "psychosocial disorders" - yet another woolly term).

The other side focuses more on organic symptoms and, again unsurprisingly, finds lower levels of depression similar to those found in patients with cancer and multiple sclerosis - that is, the levels that might be predicted in any chronic illness.

Until the various chronic fatigue syndromes are each studied in their own right rather than as one huge "dustbin" syndrome we shall make little progress. Findings from research studies that are allegedly of the chronic fatigue syndrome but that use study groups that are not comparable and different methods of assessing depression will continue to contradict each other.”

Amazingly, that was in 1994 and thanks to the woolly woolly talky talky brigade and their ELEVEN MILLION reasons to promote their SILLY flavours, we haven’t improved one iota and the situation for people with ME is as dire as it was ten OR twenty years ago. Many thanks professor CBT and all your s…y friends for continuing to make our lives miserable…...

As if coping with ME is not enough.

>>>>> CLICK here if you want to read more …..

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas wishes and oh dear ME ......

I just received a few emails and some of them were so urgent that I needed to share them with you. First of all as you can see above, Albus Potter aka Professor C.B.T. and his friends from the CBT MAGIC KINGDOM wanted to share their Chrismas card with us. Normally I would have objected, but Santa insisted that I would show it to you. If you can't read it, just click on the image for better viewing.

But while putting it on my Blog, I also received an email from the northern hemispheres, unfortunately with some very alarming news.

Dr Speedy 2008 Calendar and this time you can download it !!!!

Dr Speedy 2008 Calendar

Apparently getting an Adobe file on my blog is beyond ME, so you couldn't download it before. My apologies. However, Simon has come to the rescue and he has kindly put it on his blog so you can download it from there or you could just click on the above picture and then this time it should work. If not, please let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blogging Award and 2008 Dr Speedy Calendar

Recently I received, together with six others, this fantastic, and at the same time, NICE Blogging award, which I must say left ME speechless, and at the same time shone some light into my life which has been quite different since falling ill with not only suggestibility but also laziness to name just one thing people use as a NICE way of brightening up my day.

And now I have just received the 2008 Dr Speedy Calendar created by Horace Reid and I must say it is absolutely brilliant.

The only thing I am not sure about is if I have managed to GET it onto my Blog, so if clicking on the image of the Calendar doesn't work, please let ME know, and I will ask the experts........

Yes my beloved friends as they know nothing about ME yet proclaim so much utter nonsense that everybody thinks they are the experts.

So if downloading this great Adobe file doesn't work, then they need to perform their so called magic for ME just this once.....

If it does work however, have a look and enjoy a great Calendar, and obviously a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

And stay away from Albus Potter and his friends, that is until they finally come out of the closet, and they will.

The only question is just when..........

Dr Speedy 2008 Calendar

Thursday, December 20, 2007


2008 ME CALENDAR by Dr Sobetzko

Now I am not gonna show all the pictures of this fantastic CALENDAR, but this one sums CBT and its uselessness for people with ME up with a few words so I had to use it, thanks Dr Sobetzko for enlightening our days............

And click on the picture for his new 2008 calendar...........

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MAY, ME and utter nonsense

If you're an ME bird who's just read something in the paper about how your yuppie flu is the greatest invention since sliced bread and that it is all your own fault for being alive, then it's really not difficult to find some really great info on the internet about this nice present they gave you on the way to school, work or in the bus.

The disease you have now is, in essence, an electric wheelchair without power, wheels and full of spikes in your SEAT and that is why many of us are enjoying these delightful pains.

We could obviously have chosen another and NICE’er disease but no, we were so fond of attention and the flu that this yuppie thing sounded to yummie to give a miss.

Some of us have actually tried a great many things to GET rid of this by going to that Chinese man for a take away, to the homeopath for some alcohol, or was it drops of molecules with a memory dropped in 50 odd percent of alcohol.

Many of us have even tried that delightful invention of the MAGIC WAND BRIGADE called CeeBeebies but even the Teletubbies couldn’t help us.

Some of us were so worried about this non existent illness that we even contemplated to see a psychiatrist to see if his magic wand, no you silly, not that one, would actually be magic at all and his special tea making CeeBeeTea would actually not only taste NICE but would also GET us our lives back.

Somewhere in London they have a big fat brewery where they turn frightful leaves into a special concoction that is on the black list of the CIA, the KGB and even the Olympic Committee and some say that you would be better of living on the North Pole in an Igloo than having to go through one session of drinking this ELEVEN million pound costing tea that is so useless unless you are a grumpy old bear who likes telling nonsense to the world and collecting money for fooling everybody until we wake up.

But he reckons that won’t happen in his lifetime.

Yes, I know you live in the UK where the roads are covered in psychiatric lies and malingering sort of reporters who have also turned their brains off as that is so much easier than thinking, hey wait a minute, these people were healthy, sporty and had a great life so why on earth would they make things up.

But no, if you are a modern day reporter you don’t think or ask critical questions, too much work and not enough time to go out for a beer or whatever else they do in reporter land apart from copying a professor who was appointed because no one else was available who could write fairytales in the name of medicine and psychiatry.

And trust me, it is amazing how many of these so called doctors have gone through med school and have become a non thinking money collecting consultant or GP.

Recently I read on ME Agenda that one of our beloved friends tends to thrive on covering up cover ups.

If you are interested you can find this cover up illness in the psychiatric handbook on page 3, or is that a special page in a newspaper, as it is part of the psychosomatic illnesses that only affect psychiatrists who have an internet allergy in combination with a brain that has gone on holiday to the south of wherever.

But eventually he will get an illness himself as that is the faith of all of us and how amazing it would be if he gets a doctor who doesn’t believe him as psychiatrists don’t fall ill.

No really that is the greatest thing of (mental) health land, as I have seen myself, as a doc you don’t fall ill, ever.

Now I must thank the good old Beeb as they have started to broadcast Top Gear, well the highlights in James May his hair I should say, and I have just seen that the slowest driver of the entire Universe got behind the wheel of a Bugatti Virus and went to East Germany to see what the iron curtain looked like.

And then he put the car into drive, used another key to turn the second engine on and ignite the ten radiators as his Mayness apparently collects so much heat in his hair that a normal car with only one radiator can’t cope.

Now before I start to get hate mail from the James May fan club, I must say that I really like the brother of the Queen Guitar man who has a similar sort of hair style.

Now rumour has it that James is so slow as he tends to play the guitar behind the wheel in an effort to beat his brother on his Bohemian Getsody solo but so far he has failed and so he has decided to let his hair grow until he either succeeds or that Hammond fellow doesn’t crash anymore.

Now he is a special sort of guy as well, he tried to drive an F1 car, you know the one from eyebrow man, yes that Alessi guy who became world champion twice in a rowing boat, and then got scared by a rookie who thinks that a Chevrolet with two horse power is a great car, and he needed eight starting efforts to drive the enormous distance I can walk in a day.

Yes, forty yards or so.

Amazingly he didn’t burn the clutch but some say he did burn his ego. But finally he did get going and he was actually driving along which is amazing if you think about it as he can’t look over the steering wheel.

Not even in an F1 car and they are build for blokes who are not taller than your average garden gnome as they are small, light and easy to store away in an F1 car.

Just ask Mr Adrian Newey who always makes his cars so small that the driver doesn’t fit. If you don’t believe me, just ask NIGELLA Mansell whose bum was so big that he couldn’t get into the McLaren a few years ago.

You might also say that Adrian forgot that the driver is the second most important part, after the car obviously.

And yes I know that Adrian Newey is so good, that they paid him Ten million bob for just his signature at the can factory that has now got four wheels on a can, a steering wheel and a big fat engine and goes so fast that the chin man had trouble getting his behind into that can.

The amazing thing is that DC is so lean that he can hide behind a pencil and still he is too fat. Well, according to one commentator that is, who had just finished his CBT sessions and so and had never seen DC in real life.

I mean, since that German chin man has disappeared down the OAP track, DC is the slimmest fittest and oldest bloke on the track yet if you look at his beard, or whatever you call it that grows on his chin these days, you would think that puberty has just started.

And it will be a sad day when he retires as he is a modern day racer with the great values of the old days and so he will never be champion as in the eye brow champion but he will be missed as he is one of the nice and honest blokes in F1 and he has stayed that way over his illustrious career and he is in that respect a nice example for the magic wanderers from the CBT Church how you could earn a lot of money and remain an honest and decent bloke at the same time.

Now to come back to that May bloke, I actually like him okay; he is sophisticated and reminds me of the Seventies and so.

So I presume that he will let his hair grow until I get better, now somehow that doesn’t seem like a good idea as even though I will get better, that is written in the stars I saw yesterday when looking in my CeeBeeTea cup, it might take a while and then his hair might get in the way when he is sitting next to the Clarkman when he is driving speedily away from magic wanderers when they want to enlighten his life with lies and make him give up his Lambo and change over to an electric car or even worse for him, a diesel.

And that would be bad news for car minded Britain.

Replacing his beloved petrol that keeps him alive is a bit like replacing my running shoes and other sports equipment for exercise phobia. It won't really work.

I've just been reading a few remarks about the monster of CBT-ness and apparently they are now thinking of turning him into a tourist attraction.

But I don’t know if we as the ME people could risk losing such a fantastic comedian who actually believes all his fairytales.

The day when he gets run over by a snail would be a day of misery for mankind. I must also say after reading some of his stuff, I learned something intriguing.

Contrary to popular myth, ME was not born while he was fantasising about greatness and an Oscar for Medicine or so.

It was born from viruses that attack fit and healthy people and then hijack their nuclear power stations and zap away all their energy and blow up their fuel cells and HQ’s so they become powerless, have a nerve center out of work and more niceness and so.

And here's something even more intriguing.

To get around the idea that we might actually be ill, he had to be so inventive that he had to use ordinary old fashioned hysteria books to come up with so much nonsense that people believe him just to stop him from talking and killing their brain cells with utter nonsense.

This, they say now, is the jolly trick of professor C.B.T. and that is why many people also, or I should say, prefer to call him Albus Potter who hasn’t come out of the closet yet.

We all know that he, or one of his replacements, at some stage will do so but by then he has destroyed more lives than many bloodthirsty dictators whose names I can’t spell or write down otherwise he will feel offended and so.

And then he starts to cry and I must say I hate crying psychiatrists.

That is even worse than malingering.


Monday, December 10, 2007

ME and blaming the patient or the mother as the CBT blokes like to do

Just click on the picture so it will be easier to read .....

The following is not of my doing, but I found this fantastic RAPID RESPONSE in the BMJ to an article by the illustrious professor who has made a living of blaming the patient or parents and ignoring all common sense.

Don't believe ME???

Just read on and you'll be amazed.....

On "Blaming the Mother" 9 April 2000

BY: Dr Lawrence Kelly, Doctor of Jurisprudence, Ann Arbor, Michigan U.S.A.
Response to article in the BMJ called:"Blaming the Mother"

"I note that the continuing discussion of the "Marcovitch matter" has apparently escaped a comment from any of your U.S. readers. If you'll allow me, I'd like to suggest that an interesting point (and an important opportunity for insight) is being missed.

When parents bring a child to a physician, and the physician rewards them with the diagnosis, "I'm happy to say I've found the cause. It is you", it would seem self-evident that a hypothesis which should strongly compete with one such as "Munchausen-by-proxy" is -- quite simply -- simple physician inadequacy, or frank incompetence.

It was a full century of incompetent physicians, of course, who so cavalierly contrived such jargon ("diagnoses") as "the schizophrenogenic mother"; and "the refrigerator mother"; and "the perfectionist mother"; and "the smothering mother"; and "the overprotective mother"; and "the depressogenic mother"; and the "anxiogenic parent" -- in schizophrenia; autism, anorexia nervosa, homosexuality, Tourette syndrome, depression and anxiety, respectively (1).

Currently, the effort in "cot death" (a leader in which effort (2) is the coiner of "Munchausen-by-proxy"(3)) is to put the blame for medically-puzzling loss of an infant back on the devastated mother and father. In "chronic fatigue syndrome", the trick is to put blame on the patient (as Wessely (4) might put it , "I have divined the cause."

And guess what?

It's not some elusive virus. It is, quite simply: 'You' (you and your 'cognitively-skewed' outlook on life)".

What do we see in common here -- other than a reflex to blame the ill, or the ill one's parents?

Mystery. Medical inadequacy. Frustration. Hubris. In that order.

What else -- in each instance -- do we see?

Very puzzling ("frustrating") illnesses, each once facilely branded "psychogenic", and each conveniently "caused" by either the patient or parent -- but all now increasingly, and very embarrassingly, being recognized as in fact subtly organic (5).

But how do you apologize to a century of disastrously malserved parents, and patients?

And after you brand a "too-caring" mother as a "Munchausen" (or a "cot death" survivor as a "baby-killer"), how do you put the shattered family back together?

And how do you get the mother out of jail -- or, if you do get her out, how do you give back to her and her family their lost years?

The utter disaster entailed in a "Muchausen-by-proxy" diagnosis is such that one would think that the existence of such a "disease", and the leveling of its diagnosis, would be matters approached with the most exquisite care.

But, just the opposite.

The very existence of the "disease" is "suspect" (3). And the so-called "diagnoses" are shoddiness incarnate (3).

Simple instinct or intuition should of course tell us that.

But, for those who demand painstaking scholarship, Allison and Roberts spend a full 290 pages detailing the hubric conceit upon which this parent-attacking "disease" is built, and with which it is so easily, and capriciously, applied (3).

The U.S. and the U.K. are equals in these regards. Unchallenged incompetence (and its integral companion, hubris) in either land tends to shore it up in the other.

Take "mass hysteria" as example. I presume it is now quite clear to most in the U.K. that the Royal Free Hospital doctors and nurses who fell to some virus in the mid-50s were not, as argued (6), simply a bunch of "mass hysterics".

But, as British author Wessely (7), American authors, and especially our supposed "microbe hunters", the "CDC" (Centers for Disease Control), remain deeply in love with these kinds of poorly-aging psychogenic "explanations" of puzzling presentations (8)(9).

When mystery presents, and you can find nothing but feel you have to blame something, who better than the patients who saddled you with the mystery or, if they are too young to blame, how about their "much-too-concerned" parents?

(As Meadow extrapolated the "Munchausen" theory (itself suspect (3)) on to his "Munchausen-by-proxy" blame of "overly-concerned" parents (3), so Wessely has taken the "mass hysteria" theory (also suspect (10)) on to his "mass sociogenic illness by proxy" blame of "overly-concerned" parents (7).

For a nice example of transatlantic psychogenic cross-talk, compare Wessely (7) and the CDC (9)).

(Conflict of interest: A healthy skepticism. Aside from that, none.)

(1) This point's multiple references are available, by return email, via request to author.

(2) Meadow R. Unnatural sudden infant death. Arch Dis Child. 1999 Jan;80(1):7-14.

(3) Allison DB, Roberts MS (1998). Disordered Mother or Disordered Diagnosis? Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. Hillsdale NJ and London: The Analytic Press.

(4) Sharpe M, Wessely S. Cognitive behaviour therapy. Review was unsystematic. BMJ. 1997 Nov 22;315(7119):1376

(5) The numerous references are available, by return email, via request to author.

(6) McEvedy CP, Beard AW. Royal Free Epidemic 1955, a reconsideration. BMJ. 1970. 1:7.

(7) Wessely S, Wardle CJ. Mass sociogenic illness by proxy: parentally reported epidemic in an elementary school. Br J Psychiatry. 1990 Sep;157:421-4.

(8) Small GW, et al. Mass hysteria among schoolchildren. Early loss as a predisposing factor. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1982 Jun;39(6):721-4.

(9) Philen RM, et al. Mass sociogenic illness by proxy: parentally reported epidemic in an elementary school. Lancet. 1989 Dec 9;2(8676):1372-6.

(10) Aldous JC, et al. An outbreak of illness among schoolchildren in London: toxic poisoning not mass hysteria. J Epidemiol Community Health. 1994 Feb;48(1):41-5."

>>>>> CLICK here for the original rapid response by Dr LAWRENCE KELLY …..

Amazing wouldn't you say that SEVEN years later we, or I should say the GOBSART Academy of Ignoring Clinical Evidence and their BLOOD BROTHERS at the CBT MAGIC KINGDOM haven't learned a thing.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

ALBUS POTTER and his BAND and The Lies in your Eyes

As you may know, I do not like being ill very much. And nor do I care much about the wellbeing of Albus Potter and his CBT jolly good fellows and their reindeers.

They are big and old enough to be able to look after themselves very well indeed, as we all know, to our own detriment unfortunately.

So I was very pleased when NICE announced that they are going to let the public tell them what they think of their guidelines and so.

Not that they will do anything with it but it sounds very NICE and politically correct to give the public and the voters the idea that they care about us.

And then horrible visions of people in CBT lab coats kept me awake and I was sweating and getting just as scared as a cat on the way down from a sky scraper back to earth at dazzling speed, as I realised that this was another of their make belief songs soon to hit the charts and be presented by Albus Potter and his band, the Sweet CBT singing in Top of the Flops.

Songs like: Slow Motion about a Lollipop Man, shouting Funny Funny in Hell Raiser voices and then their Albus Potter alias Poppa Joe stands up and does the Teenage Rampage dance in a hell raiser pair of trouser while his Little Willy shouts Turn It Down and his companion at the GET instrument starts blowing the real CBT and GET song called The Lies in Your Eyes.

And before I wake up fully drenched I realise that those boys already knew in 1977 that this ME thing was the Stairway to the Stars for Albus and his mates when I heard that they also sang Call ME.

Now Albus forgot a few songs as well, one in particular named Turn it Down but even more importantly Give The lady Some Respect and that is the thing that fails time and again in malingering country and Albus Potter hood.

But watch him on youcbt and you will have a jolly good time, the only thing you would need is the patience of a saint to sit out his whole monologue that is so utterly boring and lacks any sense of reality that you know he must be a psychiatrist.

But I guess looking back at the history of medicine or any history at all is too much to ask from Albus as he might stumble across some hysterics who are still locked up in his closet dressed up as patients with MS.

And the worst part for Albus is that the real Albus Dumblemore is gay.

It took him six or seven books to come out of his closet, and how the Rowling lady could keep that a secret is utterly amazing as that is a mental health problem in Albus his DSM book that is falling to pieces just like his splendid theory about ME.

You see, if you read his stuff you realise that his nose starts to grow while he was writing it. And by the time you finish one of his books on so called ME his nose is as long as an elongated tent pole.

And even Alain Prost, you know that French bloke that couldn’t drive according to some, others preferred to call him the Professor as he could drive at incredible speeds and still think and so.

Something that real professors, like Albus, have a tremendous problem with.

I have tried to email him, that is Mr Prost, to see what he thinks of heading the Albus Potter academy but he is worried that if he wlans into that place his nose starts to grow automatically as there are so many lies stacked up in that place that it must be so contagious that his nose and his health would be at risk, just like yours and mine are with CBT and especially that silly tea called GeeEeeTea.

I think it is a special kind of brand grown on the hills of the Academy and then blasted with so much nonsense that the leaves come off the plants spontaneously, as they are in utter fear of Albus and his illustrious methods.

But I needn’t have worried, though, because it was only a dream and England and the High Court Judge will be embracing all aspects of the common sense revolution, based on many years of medical know how and information from patients who do have ME and not some Albus Potter concoction.

Like doctor Le Fanu said in his Newspaper, if patients are telling you amass that a therapy doesn’t work than you have to be utterly stupid and a CBT fanatic to continue your song that it works. I know patients don’t know anything in delusional minds and it seems that Albus and his mates really haven’t got the hang of ME or anything for that matter that involves using your brain.

Not surprising though as BRAINFOG is clearly a cloud that hangs over the Academy and the Kingdom of nothingness also know as the MAGIC CBT KINGDOM, a sort of knowledge free fairtrade centre in NHS land also known as a black hole of wisdom or hoover hole.

The hole is so big that instead of using their ELEVEN million on something useful it has disappeared without a trace.

You might say, but it will be spend on CBT and Get, well you might be right but that is the same as leaving it unattended for an hour and then coming back to discover it has been mickeled.

You see, while GET might destroy many lives, we also have the power according to NICE, yes, that was about the only sentence they got right in half their AMAZON land of paper, that we as ME patients decide if we do GET GET. So put simple, we can say no to CBT and GET and that should not affect our treatment nor Incapacity Benefits according to NICE.

The only people CBT and GET might work for are those who will benefit from reading an Asterix and Obelix and going to see their wizard and then when they drink his drink or put some parsely in their ears when the great singer from the CBT brotherhood of Potters starts to sing and that will cure them you know that they had a GP or other doctor who was as good at diagnosing ME as Albus Potter and his NICE brothers.

So if they had had a Potter GP, or is that a proper GP, they would have been diagnosed right many many years ago and long been cured and spared many miserable minutes, days, weeks, months and often years.

It is that simple.

Talking about those ME guidleines, they are so big, in fact, that they will now be used in the strongest man of the world contest as the final event to decide who is best at weightlifting heavy nonsense.

This is a guidelines that weighs more than most people’s houses, and the summary of the summary of the summary, meant for the doctors from the CBT academy who failed their literacy and other basic tests at school, weighs even more because they’ve taken out the few essential bits and replaced them with all the articles by the magic wand brigade so then someone might actually have a look at them before we use them here down under to start our Christmas Barbeques.

For those sorts of events guidelines that are of the utter ness of useless ness are really helpful to start of a NICE fire so your steak will just be right just like your Christmas.

So to all of you good day and maybe CBT might finally put some sense into Albus Potter and his mates.

Just keep on hoping, it happened after many many years of utter medical nonsense with many other diseases so it will happen with ME.

It is just a matter of time before we can bury Albus and his illustrious gang of uselessness.

And if you happen to have people around you who mutter at every occassion that you are a lazy bugger or whatever other utter nonsense they come up with, remember what The Sweet sang all those years ago:

“Don't you know I can see
You ain't foolin' me I ain't blind
The lies in your eyes don't disguise
But the lies in your eyes.

You gotta big fat mouth
watch what you say
'Cause sooner
you're gonna pay”

So enjoy a great song from many years ago and some great wisdom, so Albus, please pay attention for a change……..

Sunday, December 2, 2007


As the nation settles down to watch the High Court rule against the GOBSART Academy, I sense an air of FALSE optimism in ME land. A feeling that all would be well.

I mean hey, The judge ruled against the ALZHEIMER people when everybody knew that NICE had just made a change to their guideline on a financial base only. It was that simple.

And then the JUDGE fell for their arguments, well, she fell for I don’t know what, but it can’t have been the arguments because all the evidence was for using the drugs in…

Ah, now I see what you mean about all the evidence and so, and we all know that the NICE boys are the boys of the National Institute to Ignore Clinical Evidence.

So what chance would we have when all the ME evidence has been buried under piles of CBT articles that are so bad, that you need at least a year of daily CBT before you are able to function as a human being again, if you would read them and see what sort of childish simple errors they make over and over and over again, let alone if you start looking for real medical evidence.

It is there, it is easy to find, yet it would not fit the idea of the government that CBT, which is a heck of a lot cheaper to use than trying to find a cure and a treatment that ACTUALLY WORKS.

But who cares, they are not the ones who are ill. These shoarmawarmy looking psycho fertilizers are basically power mad minions in a tank of sharks. They are afraid that they will be eaten alive so they have gone on the offensive instead so they are trying to beat us alive.

Or is it they are GET-ting us and trying to fry us so we stick to our beds and will never bother them in person again? Because that in a nuttershell is what the GOBSART guidelines have as an effect on people who have ME.

And yes, please try flying to the moon so you GET nearer to the God of Lightning and if he strikes a match and let the ball slip through his hands and that cures you than fantastico.

It is a bit like the Robinson and Carson therapy for Steve McLaren. It cured him of that horrible disease called the England manager’s job alias northern rock to kick against by any tabloid on the island.

And I agree, he was so daft to instruct his goalies, ignore all the evidence that we see on our TV screens on a weekly base that it is better if goalies pick up the ball and hold on to it.

But no, they had done group therapy CBT sessions to improve their perforations in their gloves, or is it performance enhancing drugs that CBT stuff, so illegal as can be than???

You sniff it, snort it, smoke it and then spit it out. Is that how it works and why it is so useless in ME?

Now come to think of it, is CBT not just another way of spelling Cannabis Blowing Treatment, or is that a misconception???


Now I’m afraid we are going to lose against the GOBSART academy just because they have the power and we don’t. I looked at a video on youcbt and our beloved dense punters were mumbling their way through the ME song as if they were rehearsing for the eurovision song contest and thought that it was all a big joke.

And that is what ME is to these idiots. I have seached and searched and googled a lot, but there is simply no other word for people who have never seen a person with ME yet proclaim the most utter nonsense that is ruining our lives even more.

And then they say they are ME experts as well. And you know what, even lying down 24/7, because I am a lazy git, not motivated to do anything anymore, I would normally burst out laughing.

The only problem is that that makes too much noise, but if I wouldn’t pay attention to that and just focus on something else that wouldn’t be a problem, or so I am told. It is like telling a person with a broken leg, when his leg is not in plaster and you start kicking his leg over and over again, and when he complains you tell him he should focus on something else or try GET and CBT at the same time.

And at that moment I realise that too many others, who are all well, don’t give a damn about people with ME, and the simple reason is that they suffer from GOBSART DISM combined with a severe case of internet allergy as spread from mouth to mouth by CBT, very contagious and brain damaging stuff.

The prognosis is variable but in general not good as these people only care about themselves. Because they don’t know what ME is. And truth be told, they never will.

When I was healthy everything was crystal clear. I would learn in medical school that brainfog was something between England and France over the Channel so you couldn’t see the Frogs jumping around France on their way to a Chef and a hungry bloke who would eat its legs.

ME was the same, it was taken care off by the psycho brigade and people were locked up in GET Institutes and as a GP I have never seen anybody with ME. So really, it wasn’t out there and it didn’t exist.

And if it was on the radio or in a newspaper you would read about yuppie flu and well, they were working too hard, were after a shed load of money so they had a burn out really, a child could see that, let alone a doctor after ten years of medical training.

But the psycho babblers preferred Yuppie Flu as that gave it something denigrating, something malingering, something utterly desirable. At least in delusional minds.

If you would ask a doctor what is nice then leukaemia and a brain tumour are desirable diseases, yes really. No I didn’t make this up.

A recent study has shown this. Now in the time that I have been ill, we have lost two ex Rallye world Champions. One was Richard Burns, who was driving on the M4 on the way to the forests in Wales, yes, the RAC rally when he lost consciousness behind the wheel. And he had a brain tumour, he fought like a lion as he used to do in his rallye cars, but one and a half years later he was dead. And I am sure that Richard and his family have been thinking…….

What an idiots those docs.

Now, we recently lost Colin McRae, he went down in his helicopter. Unfortunately.

Worse, his 5 year old son and a friend were in there as well. Colin left his wife and 9 year old daughter behind. A sad day for his family, but I can assure you that doing it that way is a million times better than the way Richard Burns had to.

And even though we call a brain tumour a prestigious disease, and fibromyalgia a loser’s disease, or words to that effect, ME would have ranked along that same line if they would have asked about it.

And you know what, there are many ME patients who have moments when they would have preferred to have followed in Colin’s footsteps.

Yes I know, you are not allowed to say such things, well not allowed by people who are well and think this is a likeable disease. And no, it doesn’t mean that I am suicidal or that all others with ME are, but if it hasn’t crossed your mind, especially if you have been bedbound and dependant on others, after being a sporty and very active person all your lufe life, then I would say that is very remarkable.

I have also been asked if I will be better in six months or twelve months time. When I say I don’t know I am lazy, not motivated to GET better, and I like my situation or so I am told.

But worse of all, it is my fault if I am not better by then as apparently I don’t want to be well, I don’t want to put my ruining shoes back on and see if they still fit ME, I don’t want to work and I don’t want to GET away not only from this silly disease but most of all from these bloody idiots and their twisted and warped minds.

But the good news is, I know I will be back at work at some stage, the only thing I do not know is when that will be.

And that is frustrating as there is no tomorrow as my WLAN has ME days and quite a few people are using every opportunity when they see me to tell me that I am so lazy that even a snail would beat the world record on the 100m sprint, and when I ask them, I don’t anymore, waste of energy, what they base this on and what they know about ME, they are even vaguer than Albus Potter and his trillion articles about, well what are they actually about???

By then we might have saved the ME world from Cbtyranny, which sounds like some sort of Tyranosaurus and the sad thing is they are extinct, the good news is, the sooner we bin the CBT congregation for ME the better and I must say, I have lost count of the silly and insulting articles from these idiots who have a professorhood on their head.

Some whisper they even wear them in bed, some others say they use CBT as a form of medication against baldness and to trim their beards.

But those are only rumours, but 001/7, our master of Top Gear himself has assured me that these rumours are not far off the truth. I have even heard that this CBT-ism is so contagious that even Aston Martin has used it on their new DBS.

Now to a normal person that is an updated DB 9 which is about fifty kilos lighter and it is fifty thousand pounds more expensive, so every kilo less has cost a thousand pounds, cheap meat so to speak, it doesn’t like bumps, it is so hard that your fillings pop out if they hear the word DBS and the NICEst thing is still to come.

This Albus Potter and his mates have made so much money off ME hood that they have enough to buy these expensive cars. So on one of their trips to the showroom they used a bit of magic wand trickery. And just like the rest of the world they were so daft at this Eden factory that you can’t get a DBS with a key anymore, thanks to Albus Potter and his brotherhood of trickery, this is now called an EMOTIONAL CONTROL UNIT.

And if it doesn’t work, you GET six sessions of CBT as part of the DBS deal by the Aston people who were so delighted after having done these sessions themselves that they all bought a Reliant Robin.

The other thing I like about Albus Potter and his mates is that they say ME is just a bad case of malingeringitis, times ten as we with our brilliant minds, our superior technical know how can test anything and that is the beauty of all of this internet business. I have just received many thank you emails from Microsoft, Pharmaceutical industries, Intel, mobile phone makers, etc and they have assured me that they won’t invent anything anymore in the coming years simply because we now know it all so they won’t have to waste Trillions on research anymore.

It is that simple.

And if you think that your laptop or computer now is cheaper than ten years ago, or even one or two years ago but can more and can do it a lot faster, than you are wrong. Those are false computer and techno beliefs and that is why it is strictly forbidden in magical wand life to use the internet.

Let me tell you a secret, they don’t have cars, telephones or a fridge, they still live in caves and think that the earth is flat.

And even CBT doesn’t help against those beliefs, so then it must be realy serious as CBT can talk neuro diseases and dead cells and what have you back to normal, so it is really powerful stuff.

Bush and his buddies are actually really scared that that Iran fellow, you know that suicide man that sends others on missions which he doesn’t want to do himself, GETs hold of this CBT material and that is far worse than Nuclear energy or an H bomb.

So God help us if they do, because they won’t hold back just like the CBT blokes won’t hold back and use their brains for once.

I know, it would be a very new and stunning idea in their world and they don’t like new things as it will mean that we will finally realise that ME is such a debilatating illness and using CBT is not only utterly useles, it is dangerous as hell and has ruined many lives.

And if we won’t stop these CBT fanatics many more lives will be destroyed. Unfortunately it is that serious and dangerous.

But no one will acknowledge that their mates have missed the goal not by a yard or so, not even by miles davis but by galaxies. So hopefully this judge will not only be impartial but will read and use his or her common sense. I am just wondering, and I don’t know the answer to this question, who actually pays these High Court Judges and are they part of the GOBSART inner circle as well????

Maybe something for the London correspondent to find out once he is back from running away from the squirrels who asked him why on earth he has send Albus Potter their way as they were happy until hes showed up.

But since they expressed their feelings, our London man has done a runner, as far as his ME allows him, and so for now I wish him and you all the best and good day mates.

And stay out of reach of these CBT people who are actively recruiting to destroy more lives.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


001/7, our master blaster of espionage has had a bit of trouble and hasn't been able to do as much as he normally can with his suggestion that he is not well.

This week however, he has been back to his business of espionage, this time industrial spinach and he tells me he has discovered some wonderful stiffs, sorry stuff.

In the basement of the GOBSART Academy is where he usually finds thugs, but this time he state of the art at home and used his laptop. He doubled clicked, ONE CLICKED, and it was amazing what was available on that GOOGLE machine.

He evidence managed to GET access to the computers in the GOBSART Castle of make up, or is it make believe?? Anyway, have a look at what he found there and all becomes very clear indeed. Very clear.

Many thanks 001/7, make sure you GET better soon, we need you.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I do not like to be ill. At least that is what my brain tells me, but the psycho brigade, who have never seen ME, say I enjoy being one of the participants of the superglue contest and I have a very big chance of becoming Mr SUPERGLUE himself.

Actually, that’s not strictly accurate. I do like living in bed, no one to talk to, no tying up my laces or getting my running shoes dirty and having to clean them afterwards.......

No swimming as I am not very good at that anyway and no GP-ing as well, lets face it, that is just as boring as hell. All those patients who come to see you, talk to you, you solve their problems, and who in his right frame of mind would want that.

I GET lovely emails from people who have been to see their GP with ME to be told they are NUTS, the only thing I don’t understand from those emails is if the GP is talking about the patient or themselves.

Just a minority detail I agree.

And then there is the thing of reading Mr Clarkson’s hilarious articles about driving cars and testing them to the limit. Now I am a petrolhead and I know that is silly, probably one of the reasons why those little buggers got in my system as the white bloodcells couldn’t find them in the petrol that is running through my veins.

And there are quite a number of NICE cars out there, some I would actually like to drive, sorry, I hate driving cars, I prefer lying in bed so I don’t waste any petrol.

Yes, that must be it.

No wasting of petrol, no wasting of energy while out running, no getting wet from running in the rain and no sweaty shirts. Yes, that must be really it.

Now to come back to being ill with this suggestion by my GP who didn’t know how to spell ME either, it’s never happened before that I was ill.

And so far I have come to realise that it is the greatest invention on GOD’s planet.

I don’t have to count my money anymore, as I know there is none, I don’t have to think, will I go out for a meal, a rum, or will I visit some friends.

Quite a lot of the last have done a runner as this suggestion by the Magic wand brigade that we want to be ill is so contagious that you can even get it from reading about this disease on the internet.

I have double checked with Mr McAfee and his boys and they have no protection against this Ying and Yang virus or wriggly wurm either. And it is driving them insane.

Now as a GP I could earn a bob or two and drive the car I want, and the thing is, it is actually there for the taking if I would work, and so.

I might even go to see fast racing cars drinking in circles but maybe I am ill because this circle business is just ludicrous.

A bit like watching football. On the one side you try to kick the ball in the net yet on the other side if you do the same you are the greatest idiot on this planet.

And the same thing has happened with this disease, if it had done a runner and would have bypassed me I would still be fine.

Yet now I am …………

Now we all know that the Institute to cut budgets and make sure that people with diseases don’t GET the treatment they need, is being taken to court to learn how to use the internet.

The trouble is, they don’t have a server and a router and WLAN and so in the NHS. They have tried using pigeons, but these lazy birds have said, GET off my back you lot so it is logical that the GOBSART boys have only used what the magic wand brigade from professor Albus Potter and his friends have called evidence.

Last week I did a little experiment the magic wand way.

It is so simple, you see, everybody who emails me has ME.

So the conclusion from my evidence based trial is so simple, it is breathtaking and it will win me the Magic wand Prize of CBT-ness and a GET medal from the NHS.

You see, my trial has shown that everybody who can email has got ME so if you don’t know how to email you are FINE.

Just PACE yourself and all will be well.

So, all of you out there, you can do these GOBSART and magic wand trials as well. There is really nothing to it.

Peer reviewing is done by yourself, just like the editing, and publishing is just a matter of asking your friends to look left and rub their other eye.

It is that simple.

And then we have all the evidence that if you can email you have ME. I repeat the same trial over and over again, speak to doctors and reporters and tell them that it doesn’t matter anymore in modern day if you have a mental health problem or a physical illness.

If you need heart surgery we will ask the psychiatrist to do it and if you need lets say a new hip I am sure that the gynaecologist can do that when he is doing a smear, even if you are a bloke.

It is that simple.

So and now before we take the GOBSART fellows out for a day in the park, let me tell you about a simple and effective ME Guideline that one of the Dr Speedy supporters, that is to support me from needing to see a CBT gynaecologist that is, has send me.

It is that easy and that simple that you only need half an A4, so a small Audi, the new one that I can’t drive or go and see. And you can bin the one hundred plus document from the GOBBLERS that has got all the words muddles up.

1. Treat patients with respect and dignity.
2. Read new reseach findings and apply them.
3. Understand that you cannot homogenise people.
4. Employ new drug/treatment applications as (and when) they are proven to help.


That is all for now, good day and good mental health, and stay away from the magic wanders. And the same applies to any other therapy that is basically the same. If it cures you great but if by standing in the streaming rain with a nickel in your hand while waiting for Thor, the GOD of Thunder; to kick against something so we will see some light, you loose your suggestibily, than whoever diagnosed it was just as wrong as the magic wand brigade and their GOBSART loving friends about ME. And if we would have gotten the diagnosis right to begin with, you might have been better a long long time ago...........

Just a minute little detail, I fully agree.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Professor C.B.T.: Why I’m a CBT nut

When I see ME patients they are, to me, like pictures of stars in an other faraway galaxy. They are an invitation to come and see for myself how much silliness God produced in a nuttershell.

CBT and the world of CBT-ing has a glorious future: all we need is for the Canadians and the blokes in South Australia to join the war in Iraq and for the Americans to NUKE the whole sandpit.

Fifty years ago, the ME fairy tale was launched.

Their mission was to head straight from work into bed, where they would watch tv, be pampered by friends and family and listen to my messages in the hope that aliens would come and rescue this place from Ying and Yang flu.

We would serve them biscuits and tea and then drop them in NICE GETANOMO.

The little aliens never showed up, as they ran away shitless after seeing what a bunch of losers ME people were.

Who in his right frame of mind would want those dense punters on his planet if they could have the England team and Steve McLaren and his racing team.

McLaren one was build around goalies who felt that you shouldn’t catch a ball as it might be a granate, and the FA told the managers to GET as many foreign players in the Premier League so no Englishman would know how to kick a ball anymore.

And this Steve bloke also ran an F1 team that was basically a Ferrari and now we know that Renault was build around a McLaren so Ferrari was the mother of all cars but we knew that a long time ago when EROS RAMAZOTTI started his own team racing Alfa Romeo’s.

And no one complained then that he called his team Ferrari but his cars were build and designed by Alfa Romeo.

And the ME lot did the same, they started to use the MS molucules, sorry modules, to tell us that ME didn’t exist and they were right.

Sorry, we were right.

Who in his right frame of mind wouldn’t be happy for twelve sessions of CBT with a sexy and adorable bloke like ME???

I talk from my chair high up in the stratosphere and look down on all of you, at the same time I am somewhere else telling the EhEhEhEh people that you lot should be put on a ship to Australia so we cut down enormously on our CO2 emission as you lot don’t work yet produce a ludicrous amount of useless CO2.

We could obviously help and reduce your output by talking and boring you to death with CBT and all you have to do is ask.

Even those super blooper guys from the NICE institute of walking away from real research doctors have recommended to use our Harry Potter therapy as designed by no one other than ME, professor C.B.T.

When Albus Dumblemore is gone, he is gay so no one wants him anymore, as Freud said that gay people can’t be magical, so I will take his place.

Due to my CBT personality and GET prefabrications I can fly like Catweazle and I can dumble dry you like the best Miele on this planet.

So what more would you want from the top advisor of the EhEhEhEh company that refuses to pay anybody anything for whatever they have paid their premium for.

You see, we are in the business to become mega rich, and I mean mega.

The first ELEVEN is on the wax bank, sorry on the way to the bank and my bank manager has been so static that I will be the honorable Northern Rock myself.

Albus 2, also called my lovely and super sexy unfortunately married CBT matrix herself is way beyond ME and forging a path through the myriad tiny ME cynicals also called patients and terrorist groups like One Click Explosives and other combustable groups that cling to ME as if it was the best thing since sliced bread.

And believe ME, they are right.

It’s all just too excellent for words, the notion that ME is the saviour of psychiatry, the saviour of Soccerhood so we can drown our tears for not qualifying but at the same time this will mean that half the fans will need at least five or six sessions of emergency CBT to tell them that the world will not stop to turn, apart for Steve McLaren and his F1 team.

They have paid him two and half million so he can spend all of that on CBT to make sure that he will survive and then we have done another tremendous job.

Just like we did by telling the world that yuppie flu is not in the mind and not in the body either.

And all those idiots believed that utter nonsense.


They even paid me so much money that I can swim in it and count all day long and I will never see the end of the eleven million coins.

So I have sent a message in a bottle, as we don’t use the internet in our place, too many spanners out there that want our money and now it’s just a question of waiting for Mr Brown to send more money to our magical craziness.

Solaire or so long, whatever you prefer, and with ME and malingering as your main course you won’t notice the difference anyway.

Yours truly,

Professor C-B-T from my place high above you.


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