Saturday, February 16, 2008


As you might all know by now I am the biggest fan of CBT, that is my Cool Blogging Therapy. The CBT as in Cognitive Bullshit Therepay, as promoted endlessly by our beloved friends has been useless and silly but you might want to use it if you need someone to peel your potatoes, or if you need to GET rid off fruit flies, mosquitos or other things you don't like.

Just phone the professor and he will bore them to death with his talky talky wishy washy therapy. Now by accident I saw three minutes of my great old friend, no not the professor, my malingering genes would have long zapped to another channel.

No I was actually talking about Captain Slow. The strange thing was he was nowhere near a car nor was Mr Clarkson aka the Stud anywhere to be seen or heard for that matter.

Captain Slow was actually talking to the Wizard of Oz.

Well I think Oz is his name and apparently he eats, breaths and snorts wine even when he is swimming. No seriously.

James the Slow Captain was throwing glasses of wine into the pool and the wizard was not only swimming or floating, he was also telling James with more accuracy than the professor has of diagnosing ME what wine he had thrown into the pool. Most amazing stuff.

However, when I turned on my computer I must say that I have now changed my mind about CBT.

You see, the professor can really fly as Catweazle used to say and he has achieved the most amazing thing with his wishy washy talky talky GOBSART Academy flavour of the century silliness, just have a look..........

Friday, February 15, 2008

Professor CBT leading the way in ...

Now as someone kindly pointed out, PWME are not allowed to be blood donors but the GOBSART ACADEMY OF Ignoring CLINICAL Evidence didn't mention this in their manuscript for stand up comedians that would have never passed any sort of scrutiny but that is just a minority detail.

It is like forgetting to mention that the WHO has classified ME for decades as a NEUROLOGICAL illness or forgetting to use the CANADIAN Guidelines and the Psychiatric ME Guidelines by Dr Stein. If you use them or mention those simple things you will give the impression that ME is a serious neurological illness and that wasn't the whole idea of the excercise.

You see, a bit of silly billy therapy that would send my tomatoes running is a lot easier and cheaper and besides it keeps your friends at the MAGIC CBT KINGDOM at work.

They were so desperate for their ELEVEN MILLION and some that they urged the GOBSART fellows not to use their brain, the internet or read any medical evidence, let alone listen to the PWME or the WHO.

Would have been silly. Now when I was researching and so I suddenly came across the most amazing piece of research that actually has taken a leaf out of the GOBSART BOOKLET of Ignoring Evidence and has just copied the methods of Pofessor C.B.T. to the letter.

Amazing really, just read and enjoy it if you haven't come across this magnificant piece of work. And yes, this is a BIKE that just needs some CBT..... to become legible for the Tour de France.

Research on bread indicates that:

  1. More than 98 percent of convicted felons are bread users.
  2. Fully HALF of all children who grow up in bread-consuming households score below average on standardized tests.
  3. In the 18th century, when virtually all bread was baked in the home, the average life expectancy was less than 50 years; infant mortality rates were unacceptably high; many women died in childbirth; and diseases such as typhoid, yellow fever, and influenza ravaged whole nations.
  4. More than 90 percent of violent crimes are committed within 24 hours of eating bread.
  5. Bread is made from a substance called "dough." It has been proven that as little as one pound of dough can be used to suffocate a mouse. The average American eats more bread than that in one month!
  6. Primitive tribal societies that have no bread exhibit a low incidence of cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and osteoporosis.
  7. Bread has been proven to be addictive. Subjects deprived of bread and given only water to eat begged for bread after as little as two days.
  8. Bread is often a "gateway" food item, leading the user to "harder" items such as butter, jelly, peanut butter, and even cold cuts.
  9. Bread has been proven to absorb water. Since the human body is more than 90 percent water, it follows that eating bread could lead to your body being taken over by this absorptive food product, turning you into a soggy, gooey bread-pudding person.
  10. Newborn babies can choke on bread.
  11. Bread is baked at temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit! That kind of heat can kill an adult in less than one minute.
  12. Most American bread eaters are utterly unable to distinguish between significant scientific fact and meaningless statistical babbling.

In light of these frightening statistics, it has been proposed that the following bread restrictions be made:

  1. No sale of bread to minors.
  2. A nationwide "Just Say No To Toast" campaign, complete celebrity TV spots and bumper stickers.
  3. A 300 percent federal tax on all bread to pay for all the societal ills we might associate with bread.
  4. No animal or human images, nor any primary colors (which may appeal to children) may be used to promote bread usage.
  5. The establishment of "Bread-free" zones around schools.

© Steve Parker....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The beauty of False Beliefs ....

All doctors tend to think that if something is complicated and difficult, if a lab test is abnormal or a scan shows something than they can get excited even though it might mean something horrible for the patient.

But doctors thrive on abnormalities, we eat them, we fall in love with them and it is our live time ambition to find as many abnormalities as we can and preferably find a big new disease full of horribilities and name it after ourselves so we live on forever. Even though we know that we are destroying lives, we are happy as from thereon we start to florish and we start to treat it.

At least that is what we are made to believe.

Recently I read that there are about 25,000 diseases and we can cure 5,000 of them. But one in five is bound to be better than nothing at all.

Leukaemia, for instance, is considered by many doctors to be a better disease than a runny nose or hay fever. And if you talk about hay fever and allergies you talk about one eccentric doctor who in the nineteen fifties was advocating the idea of allergies and he was not only pushed aside, he ended up in an asylum for raving lunatics as that is how his peers reviewed his ideas, a sort of ME prison as the idea of allergies was just mad.

And that brings me to actors and acting as suddenly my malingering gene has woken up.

And if I think about actors I think about Catweazle and Jack Nicholson with his hair all over the place charming the hell out the witches, yes, a bit like professor C.B.T. and watch out for the tongue less woman sort of thing……….

But suddenly my mind races back to ME and what it means to psycho people who haven’t learned how to diagnose a neurological illness or anything for that matter, and how many different things two simple letters like ME can mean.

Some say it is malingering, some say it is a neurological illness, some say it is false illness beliefs, others say it is an exercise phobia of the worst kind and some say it is all in the mind of the day dream believer.

And that is fascinatingly interesting and at the same time so cool as they are right. About the problem with the mind, problems with concentration or information processing that is.

Now the funny thing is, if you have a psychiatric illness you have an illness, whereas ME is a non illness.

I even got a report, an article I should say, about a doctor who was asking medical students if they would be willing to treat ME and Fibromyalgia.

And to me that sounded a bit like asking if we as doctors would be willing to treat patients or not and I always thought that that was the whole idea of being a doctor. And if you don’t like open heart surgery you don’t become a heart surgeon, if you fancy being a doctor but you don’t want your patients to have a chance to say anything you might become an anaesthetist, or a pathologist.

If you become a GP you know you will be dealing with uncertainty, that is just the nature of the job.

If someone comes to see you in A+ E or the ER room with acute crushing chest pain you will respond differently than if you are a GP and you see someone who has had chest pains at times over the last six months or so whenever he heard the word poodle or CBT or NICE or so.

Would I then say or ask myself the question if the ECG is normal, I won’t help this patient or I don’t want to see him as he must be a malingering sod?? Ludicrous is what comes to mind.

And the same happens with ME, fibromyalgia etc. If you don’t like it, than usually it is better if you do something else, become a carpenter or so. But you might be unlucky and encounter a cupboard with ME, you never know…..

There is even a book that has just come out or so I am told about doctors who want to be a plummer or psychiatrists who want to tell the truth. Fascinating story line I would think, top of the pops bestseller without a doubt, or will the poodles stop the distribution as this is embankment of the worst kind???

Now the most intriguing bit about psychiatric leeches and ME is the false illness beliefs.

You see, if you have someone who comes in with all sorts of problems, you sort him out and if the conclusion is that he is depressed or has a burnout there won’t be many who will disagree with you. He might have thought he had something else to start with, but then he realises that he is better of seeing a psychiatrist, yes they come in handy for depression and so. A bit like David Beckham would be better off playing footie and not saying, which he won’t, that he can win the New York or London Marathon.

Or the patient is getting the famous happy pill and he won’t start to tell you he has a physical illness as he knows what is wrong with him.

Having said so, there is more and more evidence that most mental health problems have a physical base, i.e. a chemical imbalance of some sort to name just one thing, but that is another harpoon in the side of the poodles.

With ME, and I am not talking about silly Billy doctors who diagnose ME when someone is a bit tired or to mention one who appeared on the BBC program and who said that ME is glandular fever that doesn’t go away.

And she is right, that is a problem if you would be the patient but it has got absolutely nothing to do with ME. If she would just read Dr Ramsay’s book(let) or have a look at the Canadian guidelines she would know.

But then again knowledge, as we have seen with the GOBSART FELLOWS and the POODLES, slows the process down, is a hindrance to your bank account, so why on earth would you want to learn something and keep up to date, if by telling porkpies you get more exposure and you don’t have to read or keep up to date.

Which leads me to racing drivers and false illness beliefs. Yes sounds strange but they do exist, if you would be a psychiatric leech that is.

On the one hand you have the likes of GERHARD BERGER,

he was driving along at whatever speed you do at Monza approaching a corner that isn’t a real corner in an F1 car, so basically you can drive flat out, readjust the radio, listen to your favourite song from the CBeaTles or Gobsart Girls and see if Psycho Spice was wearing blue or brown underwear, or if she was falling in love with a poodle from next door, and at the same time you could drink an espresso as he was driving for FERRARI, an Italian dream team so instead of water or anything else there would be an espresso or cappuccino in his drinking bottle, a plate of spaghetti Malingeroneso on his lap and he would be having a jolly get time.

The race has just started, he is driving in fifth position I think and he has just radioed the people on the pit wall that he needs to pee.

Yeah even that happens to full-blown athletes at dazzling speeds. So what do you do, stop, park, and pee in front of two hundred million people who are watching the race at home, and then see a papa with a camera who you call a Pavarotti, and not a PapaRazor, taking a picture and selling it on MEbay.

So instead you just hold on tight, concentrate on the race and start thinking about overtaking the car in front. Silly thing I know and almost impossible in F1 in general and at Monza in particular.

You see there was this brilliant engineer called John Barnard who invented the carbon fibre monocoque, yes the survival cell and that stuff was so strong and so light that it was absolutely perfect.

Until they started to make carbon fibre brake discs and so. Now you brake from three hundred kilometres an hour back to sixty just five centimetres before a corner, shift down ten gears, as that is done in less time than you can blink an eye, and so overtaking is nigh on impossible.

And then the depleted uranium comes in handy, you see, apparently some people like it and some don’t.

As a military men it would be great, penetrates anything and everything.

It isn’t dangerous, but some studies say that soldiers who were in the first Gulf war are still peeing it out, which is strange if you think about it, so fifteen years after the conflict it is still there yet we should not be able to detect it all those years ago in soldiers let alone now. So an interesting thing that gets the sparks going.

Some say that using it in F1 will be the answer to the overtaking problem, you see, you make the nosecone out of DU, apparently it is so hard that Viagra is useless, and now you don’t need to overtake anymore, you just drive through your opponent. So the racing will be more interesting and you don’t have to drive your opponent off the track, you just go through him as if he wasn’t there.

So I gather that F1 will become a demolition race and the spectacle will greatly improve, and for the blokes who don’t finish we arrange emergency CBT sessions so they can deal with losing, yes this way someone will benefit from silly CBT.

But you are right, they might as well watch the CeeBeebies, cheaper and just as effective……

Now to come back to GERHARD, suddenly things went wrong, his cappuccino was all over the place, his Malingeroneso was staining his overalls and he was spearing off the track and heading head on into the barrier, so not good news.

You and I might say he was having a big one but the GOBSART fellows would say he was having a malingering moment and Gerhard had the right answer for the Blokeys if he would have a close encounter of the very first kind with them.

You see, his Ferrari burst into flames, again, something which shouldn’t happen to modern day F1 cars, yes I know, now and again you see a pit fire after or during refuelling but again that is a malingering false belief as the French manufacturer of those big hoses and valves and what else they use to prevent fuel from going anywhere other than into the car, will either say all is well or they say the team has changed something without their knowledge.

So in other words, never their fault. But just have a look yourself in a minute and enjoy the commentary from the good old great master blaster of the Beeb, Murray Walker and his buddy James, who sadly died way too early, Hunt.

You might remember Michael, only SEVEN times the Champ Schumacher catching fire once, well his car, and his solution was to drive away and go faster, I think he even won again, and there was nothing wrong with the refuelling system. Absolutely fine.

Now you would think that Gerhard was very unlucky as he was crashing in Italy, Marshals having a snooze, watching pretty girls, watching Juve paying money to players or officials from the opposition to influence something you should do, or shouldn’t do, or drinking a glass of Chianti or so.

But you would be wrong, very wrong actually.

If you watch the video you will think that it takes ages before the marshals arrive in their always breaking down Alfa’s, yet if you count the seconds it is absolutely gobsmacking tastic how quickly they arrive and get things under control.

In short, they investigate properly, diagnose accordingly and use the right treatment, something which the poodles say they do but if they say ME is being tired then you know straight away that they are a bunch of doctors, or whatever you call them, who can’t even get the basics right.

And maybe that is why they choose psychiatry, just look at Freud, homosexuals could never be therapists as they had a mental illness themselves or reasons to that order…..

Now remember Berger and his fiery moment of extreme malingering and then change over to Indy Cars or Champ Cars as they are called these days as Mr George from the big big Indy oval doesn’t want to have all the best open wheel drivers driving at Indy. He wanted a series for American drivers only as there were too many great drivers but they were foreign.

You know the likes of Mansell, Fittipaldi, Zanardi and many others so little George killed off a series that was better and had more overtaking in one race than F1 in a year, and remember, I am the one and only F1 fan on this planet.

But in those days Indycars were just amazing, driving on big superspeedways, side by side, at speeds that were mind-boggling and mixed in the frame were the likes of Little Al or Ale, the Amoretto’s, Mario, Michael and now Marco, and people like Rick Superspeedway is my thing, Mears and Bobby raced it all Rahal and now his son Graham is showing people what you can do if you false believes are helping you.

Now since they divided the stuff we have Mr George and his IRL with almost no Americans in it, so Mr George did a great job of killing a brilliant series and no one is watching it ….. as there are still no Americans in his series……..

Now if you would have a fire in the pits in Champ cars all the poodles and their Gobsart friends would have a day in the filets as there is absolutely nothing to see.

Apart from a racing driver with idiotic also called false believes. You see, the idea of racing a car is doing a lap as fast as you can, and then do it seventy times or how many laps the race is.

So you start at a certain point and whoever is back the quickest has won, yes I know, it doesn’t make sense. But it is great fun to watch and the noise is better than the last symphony from the CBeaTles, Amy no wine in the house, Paris dancing in a dress that has tremendous problems to stay where it was supposed to be, or the Gobsart symphony in ME minor.

And then you see a racing driver jumping all over the places, first you think he is break dancing or whatever it is called these days, but then you remember you are on a superspeedway and break dancing is frowned upon, as a car might bump into you at two or three hundred miles an hour. A bit like ME hitting a fit and healthy person who is then malingering as there is no tomorrow.

So what on earth is going on???

And that is the moment that it is jolly NICE that the GOBSART Academy award winning Blokeys are there as well, otherwise we would never have guessed that this racing driver is barking mad.

The treatment for this raving lunatic is so simple it is just embarrassing.

Suddenly, and just watch the video because you will see this after a minute or two a lot better, lots of people appear with buckets of water, yes on a superspeedway, where you don’t race if someone mentions the word rain as that makes the track slippery and that is Fukuda news at dazzling speeds, so what on earth they need that for, as I thought that these cars didn’t have a radiator or were running on water, and then they start to dump it all over the poor fellow who is dancing with joy as apparently they have now saved his behind from frying and becoming a well done superspeedway steak….

Luckily the commentators are down to earth blokes who don’t like silly Billy approaches from professor CBT and his boyfriends and they explain that you can’t see an Indycar, Champcar or whatever burning as methanol burns invisibly….

A bit like ME, it is there but you can’t see it….It is damaging the whole nerve system of the PWME even though there is nothing wrong with us, just like there is nothing wrong with this car and its driver, Adrian welcome to Mexico Fernandez.

And welcome to delusional Collusionism as practised by the poodles and leeches from the MAGIC CBT KINGDOM to further enhance their bankaccounts to the detriment of patients.

Good day mates and stay well clear of CBT fanatics and other delusionists, as you can see, their effect on a normal person is staggering and frightening ....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BBC therapy for ME ...

Now, welcome back everybody, if you are not bedbound with ME and you can still travel and tolerate everyday noises than there is a new revolutionary therapy on the market, available from the GOOD Old Beeb and professor C.B.T. is not allowed entrance for reasons I am not allowed to discuss as that would be harrassment but in short because he hasn't got a clue about ME.

"Watching Top Gear on a Sunday evening is one thing, but if you want the full experience, come and join Jeremy, Richard and James in our low-rent studio while they actually record the show", as they say on their site.

You get Mr Big Mouth Clarkson with Captain Slow thrown in for free and Hammond will do his best not to crash while you are there.....

At least that is what he has promised ME but you never know with him.

He is however before you think I don't like him the icing on the cake, the CBT on the psychiatrist and the petrol in the tank, but most of all he is the best dressed man on telly in Britain by a mile or so I am told.....

So go and watch him, get his enthusiasm and forget for a moment that the so called GOBSART FELLOWS and their good old buddies will not be there for starters, and research, peer reviewed by myself, has shown that BBC therapy is part of the Big programm of Graded Laughter Therapy and so the only available option and treatment with a chance of success for this shitty neuro disease that doesn't exist according to the malingering professor but which is destroying lives nevertheless.

So take my advise and go and see the boys. You might want to be there early because you won't see much of Captain Slow if you are at the back, his hair is mostly in the way.

I am told he is always stark naked but no one in the world will be able to tell with hair that has replaced his suit...

He is however funny, witty, sophisticated and most of all, he is the one and only JAMES MAY who will start off the programm by playing The Bohemian Rapsody and ends the programm with Another one bites the Dust with reference to the ONE CLICK APPEAL against the GOBSART FELLOWS, so thank you JAMES, much appreciated....... But you have to be there to fully appreciate the experience, it is that good......

A recording of Top Gear tends to start at around 2pm on the Wednesday before the show airs. Recording takes all afternoon, and people normally get to go home at around 7pm.

If you'd like to get tickets for the show, you can apply on the Applause Store website if you want the only available and effective ME treatment...

Yes really, they know they are that good and so much more effective that they have taken a lesson from the GOBSART PROFESSOR and called their site the APPLAUSE STORE ....

And for everybody who lives abroad, don't worry, the BBC Therapy will come to you as well as Jeremy, James and Richard have embraced the idea of the FA.

You see, in the every near future Arsenal will play Chelsea on the Mururoa Islands, Man U will play Bristol Rovers on the North Pole and Aston Villa and Liverpool will play each other on the moon. You see, the FA, the Football Association is very keen on the ELEVEN MILLION and some, so they want to expand and take the game away from their fan base...

And the BBC Top Gear team has just turned things around and want to do the opposite.

They know that their therapay is the only peer reviewed and scintifically proven ME treatment so they will come to us, porridged....

So good day and good mental health and stay away from CBT fans....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

'Safe' uranium that left a town contaminated ...

They were told depleted uranium was not hazardous. Now, 23 years after a US arms plant closed, workers and residents have cancer - and experts say their suffering shows the use of such weapons may be a war crime.

Professor Parrish's team has found that DU contamination, which remains radioactive for millions of years, is in effect impossible to eradicate, not only from the environment but also from the bodies of humans.

Twenty-three years after production ceased they tested the urine of five former workers. All are still contaminated with DU. So were 20 per cent of people tested who had spent at least 10 years living near the factory when it was still working, including Ciarfello.

The small sample size precludes the drawing of statistical conclusions, the journal paper says.

But to find DU at all after so long a period is 'significant, since no previous study has documented evidence of DU exposure more than 20 years prior... [this] indicates that the body burden of uranium must still be significant, whether retained in lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys or bone'.

The team is now testing more individuals.

Click here if you want to read the rest of the story by David Rose on Sunday November 18 and corrected on 25th of november, 2007 in The Observer.

WAR by Martin Rowson ...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The real reason for CBT in ME ...

The last couple of days have been incredible, funny and witty and amazing really. I don’t need the GOBSART Academy or professor CBT anymore to have a jolly good time.

You see, recently I started to see an associate of the professor on a regular base. And I have learned so much, it is just incredible. Instead of accepting the fact that I have a shitty disease, I learn and hear more and more facts about ME. Well so called facts.

Suddenly my laziness gene has woken up to such a degree that I not only enjoy lying down 24/7 and that I am in incredible pains, that I have problems with normal noises like a microwave or a water cooker etc but apparently I have now fulfilled my biggest dream and lifetime ambition of doing absolutely nothing.

I have learned that others think this is fun, now in my book that would tell you more about the others than about me, as even when I was fit and well and was spoon-fed the idea that diseases only exist if we can measure them, yet on the other hand we don’t have blood tests or scans for many illnesses that we see on a daily base as a doctor or GP, without getting into a malingering epileptic fit.

And I never came up with these interesting words let alone that I was capable of dreaming them up. But I have learned a lot more as this is my dream apparently so I will never get well again, as I would have been better a long time ago if I was motivated and so.

That reminded me of cars, now if your engine does a nono, like a big blow up and you see a big gigantic puff of whatever colour coming out of your exhaust pipe, it will obviously mean everything is alright and if the engine then doesn’t get back to its original shape and form, it wasn’t motivated, it was just a lazy engine.

And that is right and spot on.

I wish I could come up with those ideas, I would have earned the Nobel Prize a long long time ago, and I would be famous and so.

But subfortunately I haven’t yet but maybe I can learn a trick or two from this associate and from the GOBSART boys and their friends. I have also finally understood the importance of CBT for people with ME.

You see it is not to cure us as we all know to well; it is to learn how to deal with and cope with utter nonsense…..

So come on Mr Brown, keep sending the MILLIONS to the people who harass us first so they can then say we need CBT…., clever strategy….. A bit like working for the Fire department and starting your own fires, or being a police officer and starting to kill people so we need more police officers….

Now I also start to understand why the BBC therapy offered by Captain Slow, who is so slow that I can almost walk to the toilet and back before he has reached ten miles an hour in a Lamborghini Revenge,

a car that is so expensive that it was sold out before they even started to build one, is so much more effective.

Of course CBT people will say that CBT will destroy lives and bring hell closer to earth, or was it that they think CBT is heaven on earth??? Not sure anymore.

I must say it is awfully quiet form the CBT man, so what is he up to????

Apart from organising conferences at the College of Medicine to dominate a conference about a neurological illness by psycho leeches for internal doctors, great combustible combination.

Even more so if you look at the list of speakers and there is no one on the list who knows anything about ME at all. Great stuff, job well done College.

Maybe they would be better off spending the time playing croquet or shooting clay patients or whatever games they fancy, they might even learn something which they won’t during a conference about ME which is all about psycho poodles who have cured everybody with a psychiatric illness or otherwise they realise they don’t know psychiatry either so it was time to focus on something else….

A disease where it is not required according to some to have any knowledge about the illness to earn a fortune ….

Great idea and strategy, I must remember that one when I am well again.

Of course, psychiatrists will say that they cure people and I had to think about Frasier Crane. You know that Seattle psychiatrist. Now in this particular episode his father’s dog Eddy is depressed, and they finally get a charlatan as Niles and Frasier call him, yes you are right, an animal psychiatrist who talks to the animals and listens to their stories……

And he concludes that Eddy is depressed because he is picking up depressed genes or vibes or something from the family. So they all sit together, start analysing their lives, broken marriages, no dates in years, wife died many years ago, well you know Frasier, Ross, Daphne, Niles, and Marty Crane.

In the mean time they find a doll underneath some pillows, just by accident, throw it on the floor, Eddy sees it and his depression is cured.

So the diagnosis was…. Yes absolutely right, spot on.

The only problem with CBT, so far as I can see, is that while it must be great fun for the poodles to learn something about somebody’s life, they don’t help or cure him as the diagnosis was wrong.

And the basis of good therapy is getting the diagnosis right, as Dr Ramsay said all those years ago.

But nowadays that has changed into the basis of good therapy is getting the money.

And obviously that would be fantatatatastic, well to get the money for real research, either for ME or for any other disease instead of wasting it down an endless and useless pipeline that ends in CBT Wonderland to write more fairytales and destroy more lives.

Will anything change?? Well it would be nice but people are more interested in the colour of Britney’s knickers or if she will or won’t have a new baby or have a new Pavarotti in her life than in curing diseases, especially ones that are debilitating as hell yet are pushed aside with a few whiskers, as we are all a bit tired at times.

That that has got nothing to do with ME is not the point, just like the Iraq war had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction but all with little bush wanting revenge for big bush and then there was the oil.

So you invent fairytales of mass destruction, scare people to death and send your soldiers down a drain of depleted uranium.

Depleted means it is now completely harmless stuff, you can swallow it, eat it, drink it and yet it is just as pure as water, well not that one from the Thames so if you develop certain horrible symptoms, it can’t be the uranium as that was depleted to simple water so it must be malingering again.

Great word and invention that malingering stuff. You can buy it over the counter and then enjoy it at home with your friends while you watch young England players doing silly things live on line instead of scoring brilliant goals for Steve McLaren and his buddies.

Last night I had to think of my malingering gene as my headaches were coming back and my legs were exploding and at the same time felt like someone was pulling them apart and sticking a thousand knives in them.

Now the good thing about this malingering stuff is, I know the pain is not there, it is just my dream coming true as they are so bloody NICE.

But mankind and psychiatrists don’t really learn anything. Other than how to drive very fast to the bank to collect the Eleven Million before someone wants it back.

And that brings me back to hysteria and MS. Not so long ago MS was hysteria and these idiots, as that was how they were perceived by the doctors, were actually so lazy that they had a catatonic unwillingness to move.

Yes I know, you need ten years in med school and so to come up with these fantastic sounding words.

Now I recently read that on average it takes three to five years to diagnose MS these days with all our knowledge and fancy machines like MRI scanners and other expensive toys for doctors.

A few years ago a scientist called Hugo Vrenken demonstrated that by using something called quantative MRI scans you could see that brain tissue from MS patients that was completely normal according to an ordinary MRI scan, was already showing signs of the disease and he also demonstrated that the disease process in MS was much more widespread than you could see with an ordinary MRI scanner.

Now I know this is silly Billy research by someone who was actually using the thinking part of his brain, something that is unheard of in CBT wonderland, unless of course it deals with getting their name in the paper and making fun of people with serious diseases.

And I must say, I do not understand at all why we would like to GET our lives back.

I can’t imagine as a petrol head that it would be fun to drive the new BMW 1 series coupe

to name just one exiting new car, it must be really annoying to see the Champ Cars come to town and put on a great show, seeing Seb, who became Champion just four times in a row, doing donuts in the McDonald’s car.

Now we can’t see him do that anymore in Champ Cars, no as far as I know he is very well thank you, no, he has moved on and will now be driving an energy drink on wheels with 800 or more horsepower.

No more donuts or burgers for him. For those of you who are interested, he will be driving for Gerhard Berger and his Torro Rosso team, driving last year’s Red Bull. Well they won’t say that as you are not allowed to do that but we all know that to be the case.

He will be partnered by Sebastian Vettel who is a young fellow from Schumacher country, just out of diapers, doesn’t need to shave or anything but he is the next Lewis Hamilton, just mark my words, not only that, he is a delight to listen to, he also will tell you if he made a mistake, doesn’t start to do a Mansell who was a great driver and fighter, yet who would always blame someone else if everybody knew silly Billy has made an error.

A bit like the CBT Wonderland boys, instead of acknowledging that they have written many reports about burn out and so yet have been calling it ME they use the Mansell trick and call it malingering so they are in the clear.

What we need in ME land is a Hugo Vrenken or a silly Australian, yes one of those blokes who found that Helicobacter bacteria that caused the stomach ulcers and that earned them a Nobel Prize.

And yes, the spinach brigade had been telling us for years it was down to people’s personalities and too much stress and blah blah blah.

They have actually started to offer branded CBT toys and in principle this is fantastic news, we only need to buy CBT merchandise so we can all walk around with a picture of Professor C.B.T. on our chest or in the case of bedbound people with ME, we hang his picture on the wall so we have the delight of seeing him when we open our eyes.

Now I reckon that would be cheaper and so than CBT and it would be just as effective ……..

The only trouble is, it would further ruin our day so we might think about a straight talking Sebastian Vettel who can still talk and doesn’t speak like Ron Dennis, yes that McLaren man who turned that company into a fantastic state of the art one with the most amazing factory, but when he talks you have the idea that, well, it is more exiting to listen to Herr Lauda, but then he isn’t the boss of a big F1 team….and doesn’t have to be politically correct because if Ron criticises the boss of F1 and so that is not called harassment, no no, that is a lot worse, you get penalised as if you just committed a capital crime and if you want to appeal the penalty is usually tripled …

That is the democratic world of F1 in a nutshell. And it seems to me that professor C.B.T. likes that model of power so much that he has adopted it as well ….

So please, if you see him or speak to him be NICE to him and compliment him on his, uhhhmmmm, yes, great fashion sense or hairdo.

And don’t mention that ME is a neurological illness, it might send him into an anaphylactic shock…..

Friday, February 1, 2008


The name ‘Lost Voices’ refers both to the fact that people who are severely ill with ME are generally not in a position to make themselves heard, and also to the way that the prejudiced denial of ME - as an ‘aberrant belief’ rather than a devastating physical illness – has meant that often others are incapable of actually hearing and seeing what is being said and shown - our voices drop into a void.

The project is particularly intended for people affected by severe ME- whether as sufferers, carers or families.

The aims of the book and exhibition are –

  • To provide an opportunity for people who are usually invisible and unheard to speak for themselves, so that their situation can be seen and understood more clearly.
  • To show evidence of the devastating impact this physical disease has on individuals and their carers and families.
  • To bring to more public notice the plight of ME sufferers.
  • To help change a widespread lack of comprehension based on general misinformation, vague definitions, guessed numbers and statistics, to the development of empathy and concern for those who are so ill.
  • To educate the medical profession, the public and others such as wider family.
  • To encourage a sense of community among ME sufferers and those supporting them.

For more info click here ..., or go to the InvestInME website for the whole article...

Contact details:

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