Thursday, February 10, 2011

The bizarre world of animal sex

Chimpanzees, along with the birds and bees, are busy doing it – but not in the way you might have imagined, as a new exhibition at London's Natural History Museum proves

Jon Henley
The Guardian, Thursday 10 February 2011:

Erica McAllister is excited (perhaps, in the context, not the most felicitous choice of word, but never mind. She's passionate, too, but that's not much better). "Flies," she enthuses, "are the best, because they're everywhere, and they do everything. They get up to the craziest stuff. Amazing genitalia. And some wild strategies."

Downstairs in the Natural History Museum's magnificently arched Jerwood Gallery, staff are (as it were) mounting Sexual Nature, a new exhibition exploring the diverse and often startling sexual and reproductive behaviour of animals (or, as the museum's posters coyly put it, "nature's most intimate secrets").

It's the museum's first adult exhibition, aimed at those over 16, and containing what the same publicity calls "frank information and imagery about sex", so everyone is, naturally, quite excited. Read more>>

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