Thursday, February 24, 2011

When CBT fanatico's get ME they run away from silly CBT as fast as possible !!

Anonymous said...:

"I hope for the British and the Dutch Pinocchio specialists, that none of them, nor any of their friends and relatives, will ever get ME"

As a matter of fact: they do get ME and run away from CBT as fast as possible!

Here a link to the website of a Dutch ME patients association:

The article tells about a CBT therapist Karel van Riet, who was once a student from Prof. Bleijenberg (author of the Lancet publication: Prins, Bleijenberg et. al. 2001) who runs the 'famous' CBT "knowledge Centre of CFS" in the Netherlands.

Mr. van Riet became seriously ill with ME about 10 years ago and had to quit his job as a CBT therapist.

The writer of the article asked him: "So, as a therapist you must have been cured in less than no time?".

Mr.van Riet admitted this was not the case and told the journalist he had to go to the international well known ME-specialist Prof. Meirleir in Brussels, Belgium (and opponent of the CBT treatment) to get himself a proper treatment.

Even than he stayed seriously ill for many years and only recently started working again as a therapist.

These CBT docters/therapists can act strangely when becoming ill themselves!!

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X said...

That is pretty funny really. It's sad that it took getting me/cfs to learn how to treat it.


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