Friday, February 25, 2011

The ME community is not so terribly stunned by the BOGUS PACE Trial

Lilpink, says...
9:58am Fri 25 Feb 11:

The ME community is not so terribly stunned at the results of the PACE Trial. They had been decided upon even before the trial had begun. A complaint about almost every aspect of the trial was made to the MRC by Professor Hooper and can be seen here:

Since the publication of the Trial last week we have had yet another piece of biomedical research from the US to (yet again) illustrate the organic, physical nature of this illness:

I wonder how many more biomedical research papers it will take to stop the UK treating this illness as a mental illness and manipulating 'research' to push it's behavioural 'therapies' on a vulnerable population?

Peter Spencer's remarks are more than disingenuous as he represents one of only two charities who did not call for the PACE Trial to be abandoned whilst it was still in the planning stage. Had AfME removed their endorsement this waste of £5 million may not have happened and we would not have to run the gauntlet of atricles which suggest that people with this disease just need a bit of exercise and mind training!

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