Thursday, February 24, 2011

Indigo Jo: Why I became an ME/CFS advocate

Indigo Jo said...

I was vaguely aware of ME before last year and had seen programmes about the abuse of children with ME (one in 1993 and one in 1999) which outraged me, but what made an ME activist of me was finding out about what had happened to Lynn Gilderdale, one of the two young people featured in the 1993 documentary, early last year.

It was heartbreaking to find out that that girl -- who I had assumed had got better, although the programme didn't really convey how ill she was and had been -- had lain in the dark in terrible pain all those years and had suffered so much for so long.

And yes, the fact that the scientific community produces useless research like this and that no serious efforts have been made to relieve these people's suffering does give me more motivation, as does the fact that I've become friends with one or two of Lynn's friends since then.

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