Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holding on to power - how do they do it?

Posted by nmj at 23.2.11:

The more I think about the PACE trial, the angrier I get. I am highlighting the excellent comment left by sylvieromy on Sunday's post :

I think this fight needs to be fought differently. Something as transparently skewed as the PACE trial shouldn't be able to turn back progress as easily as it has. It seems to me that there are individuals (eg. Prof Hooper and M Williams, Countess of Mar, Ian Swales) working really hard to question the abuses of the psych lobby at a high level, but they seem to be sole voices in the otherwise silent wilderness.

I think these individuals need to be more strongly supported by others with power - the list of MPs who signed the EDM 778 gives a pretty good clue where some of that support might lie.

The psych lobby work very effectively as a group and their influence pervades groups like NICE and MRC - groups have a strength that individuals don't. We are supported by individuals who, as magnificent as they are, can be dismissed; instead, ... Read more>>

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