Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I want journalists, not parrots

Creek Feet (CreekFeet) wrote, Mon Feb 21 2011 18:16:57 GMT+0100:

NPR, I want journalists, not parrots.

Okay, the damage is done, the cheerleading piece is published.

Please do the responsible thing: follow up with a well-researched piece on the physical damage of exercise to persons with ME.

Next, how about a piece on the real good news - the groundbreaking research on successful treatment with anti-retrovirals and ampligen. That's your assignment, cub reporter. Are you up to it? Your primary source will be Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Myers. Also consult Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Daniel Peterson, Dr. Paul Cheney, Dr. Malcolm Hooper. Contact me if you need some more but that should be enough to put you on the trail. Questions you can ask yourself as you begin research: Even given that they can be of help to some patients with chronic pain conditions, would CBT and GET be touted as best treatments for AIDS or cancer?

And, why are ME patients having strong positive reactions to AIDS drugs? If there's a seasoned reporter in the house who wants to get into some deep investigative journalism on the politics of medicine, that person can read Osler's Web by Hillary Johnson and start a series of stories updating the tale of government mismanagement of research funds. Thanks.

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