Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mr Obama, PROPER funding and research is needed for this brutal and deadly infectious disease

from: Thomas Hennessy Jr
to: the general public
Re: XMRV in the world's blood supply.

in the USA, the National Cancer society is a HUGE, well oiled machine! and the Susan j. Komen Breast Cancer non-profit association are also GREAT marketers..I agree with you all completely who have raised this subject over the past few months! we need to link up with the winners and drop the losers.

did you know that Dr. Judy Mikovits of the WPI in Nevada lost her stepfather to prostate cancer? She was a top Cancer researcher at the National Cancer institute for 22 years. She left that job to work for the WPI.

she has told me that she NEVER has seen a group of such sick people be SO DISRESPECTED by so called medical experts in her entire life! she said it is a crime against humanity the way we have been treated by our own government and all the so called "medical experts" in this world! Dr. Judy gets it! So, she teamed up with Dr. Silverman, a very famous prostate cancer researcher at the Cleveland Clinic.

She also works with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, the doctor who was a co-discoverer of HIV, the virus that helps cause AIDS and Dr. Ruscetti also found HTLV-1, the SECOND known human retrovirus, and now they have found XMRV in MANY CFS patients.

These are some of the BEST CANCER researchers on this planet!! They got some funding from Harvey and Annette Whittemore, who teamed up with the world famous and world class, Dr. Dan Peterson (who helped me win my disability case some 22 years ago!) and in honor of their beautiful young daughter, Andrea, the Whittemores opened the WPI last summer.

They now need PROPER funding! They have blazed the trail. We now need to FORCE our governments to fund their operations. Until they mess up, THEY need to be funded!!

The team at the WPI have also found this new human retrovirus in the blood of some autistic kids and 100% of M.E. and CFS patients who tested positive for XMRV ALSO were positive for LYME disease! Every single one!

PLEASE spread this post info far and wide! Why are not the VERY top researchers in the entire world being sent with buckets full of cash to Reno, Nevada and with video cameras and electron microscopes in hand to copy VERBATIM the procedures of the WPI!

If 4 to 7% of our nation's blood supply has XMRV floating around in it..
that is a very dangerous situation. and Since XMRV has been SHOWN to exit the peripheral blood supply of macaque monkeys within 4 to 6 weeks, BUT, these same monkey are found to have XMRV in many of their organs nine months later...then something is VERY, VERY, VERY wrong with this picture! Our government has been EXTREMELY cavalier with the blood of Americas for the past quarter of a century.

With the recent reports of the brilliant Dr. James Baranuik at Georgeown University, who isolated many inflammatory proteins in the spinal fluid in both sick Gulf War Illness patients and M.E. and CFS patients and he found that these protiens were NOT in healthy controls, he showed, that YOU can NOT fake this stuff, Folks! and This week, the New Jersey school of Dentistry, including long time M.E. researcher, Dr. Benjamin Natelson published a paper in which they isolated hundreds of inflammatory proteins in the spinal fluid of M.E. and CFS patients and they did NOT find these same proteins in the spinal fluid of healthy controls!

We keep hearing stories of some 5,000 peer review articles with biological markers like inflammatory cytokines, and RNLase pathways. And STILL our governments all over the world, and large insurance companies deny disability payments and even though we are losing tens of billions of dollars in Tax revenues from some of the hardest working people on the planet, they REFUSE to acknowledge the pain and suffering right in front of them.

Many women have told me that they would have LOVED to seduce Stevie Ray Strauss, or Simon the weasal, or Willy Wonka Reeves and GIVE them M.E. I tell you that i have dreams of waving a magic wand and having BatMan crashing through the roof of the US capitol, RIGHT after an announcement was made that a $10 Million dollar check was going to be given to the Top rated US congressperson.

and have all these egomaniacs rushing up to the capitol Rotunda, and have Batman crash down from above with his cap unfurled and have him tap is wrists and spray out the M.E. spray and give them ALL M.E. for two or three would be SO GREAT! and to have the NIH and CDC mucky mucks get the same taste for what we go through.

As the great Dr. David Bell, or the fantastic writer, Ms. Peggy Munson, or Dr. Byron Hyde have said, "There is NOTHING else LIke this!!"

M.E. is brutal. it is fascinating. it is VICIOUS. It seems endless. it is very complicated and very simple at the same time. Imagination the WORST hangover you ever experienced. the worst mugging you can imagine. the worst seasickness you ever experienced. Then combine them all together. And multiply by 10! and you will get a taste of what it feels like to endure this brutal illness.

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