Monday, February 28, 2011

Why CBT psychiatry is unethical

Andie Pring:

Many so called expert ME doctors (some of whom are worryingly on the MRC panel) are simply studying fatigued people and applying their findings to ME sufferers with extremely damaging effects.

Sadly, as very few people are given the necessary tests in the UK to clarify whether they are suffering with neurological ME the vast majority are given the label ‘CFS’ along with a nod to withhold testing and treatment; once given this label no further testing is offered (as suggested in the NICE guidelines) instead patients are granted insufficient treatment protocols such as antidepressants (only a small proportion of sufferers become depressed and this is usually in response to continued suffering, loss of income, loss of career, loss of home and continued ignorance from government officials, doctors, media and the public in general), pain killers and talk and exercise therapy (which can cause serious health repercussions to those patients with compromised hearts and circulatory systems (approximately 1/3 of sufferers).

Many patients are seriously ill and being denied necessary testing and treatment.

We would respectfully ask you to consider what you think happens to cancer and AIDS sufferers if they are left untreated?

Would it be ethical to deny them treatment?

A diagnosis of CFS will always be a misdiagnosis and a diagnosis that results in the cessation of necessary testing and treatment. This is unethical. Read more>>

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