Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Metabolic dysfunction causes Post-Exertional malaise in ME/CFS

Staci R. Stevens, MA, and Christopher Snell, Ph.D:

Staci R. Stevens, MA, Executive Director
Pacific Fatigue Laboratory
University of the Pacific

Christopher Snell, Ph.D
Department Chair
Exercise & Sport Sciences
University of the Pacific

The Pacific Fatigue Lab's findings with repeat exercise testing in ME:

Within 24 hours, 85% of CON indicated full recovery in contrast to 0% of CFS patients.

The remaining 15% of CON recovered within 48 hours.

Only one CFS patient recovered within 48 hours.

Did the PACE trial test for this? Of course NOT, too much money at stake.

Full article by Staci R. Stevens, MA, and Christopher Snell, Ph.D, pdf

My PS: CON are healthy controls.

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