Thursday, March 24, 2011

Press Release: Does XMRV Cause Fibromialgia & ME?

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Saturday, March 12, 2011 became the Fibromyalgia Association professional conference held in Drammen.

Dr. Mette S. Johnsgaard gave a lecture there about including FM and XMRV.

Reactions from the conferences you can read here.

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XMRV / retroviruses cause of FM?

Norwegian Fibromyalgia Association hosted the fifth conferences for fibromyalgia 12 March.

Here was set forth a disturbing claim: XMRV / retrovirus may be the cause of both fibromyalgia, ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) and several types of cancer. Further research is needed to clarify this further.

Directorate of Health decided in December that ME sufferers should not donate blood, as recent research indicates that ME sufferers can have a retrovirus related to HIV virus. MD and medically responsible Mette Johnsgaard at Lillestrøm Health Clinic refers to research results that point to the possibility that the retrovirus also can be the source of fibromyalgia.

XMRV is found in the United States, England, Spain, Norway and is transmissible to humans. XMRV is stimulated by hormones and inflammation and is very similar to retroviruses that can provide neuroimmun disease and cancer in animals. XMRV is also found in patients with prostate and breast cancer.

We urge the authorities to intensify research on the cause of fibromyalgia! Read more>>

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