Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Science Media Centre is a stitch up

Posted by nmj:

Ben Goldacre is in the business of exposing 'bad science' and his recent post points to the nonsense that can be written by journalists and the poor practice of not linking to primary sources. I left a comment - it should have been #20 - pointing out: yes, but what if the actual press release is distorted and misleading, what if the original research is flawed?

Where does that leave journalists? My comment was not published - I tried twice - so I emailed him - in a friendly manner - in case the comment had gone into his spam folder. He makes the point on his website that if your comment does not appear it is unlikely he is censoring you, more likely to be spam filtering and to get in touch.

This was only last night, so he may very well not have had a chance to check emails but I very much hope his site is not censoring comments on the flaws of the PACE trial.

The Science Media Centre stitched us up royally and everyone should know.

Here is my comment: ... Read more>>

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