Sunday, March 27, 2011

Got a headache take an aspirin, but what do people with retroviruses get currently ?


the bottom line is that we "are testing Positive" and legitimate medical research to help us needs to be done because a retrovirus, no matter how you got it, is a dangerous thing and needs to be treated ASAP. Got a headache take an aspirin, but what do people with retroviruses get currently ?

Nada, unless they choose try some of the old HIV drugs because real current serious research to help us has NO Place to be budgeted for and done. Only HIV and HTLV-1 and 2 seem to be legit. Humm funny.. Wonder why ?

If Trine or Dr. Oz or any other wealthy politician had a new human retrovirus how much you wanna bet that the research money would suddenly show up ? Think they would wait for 25 yrs and for 17 million to get it ? I would not want to wish this illness on anyone, but seriously folks, someone had better start "getting REAL" pretty darn fast ! Read more>>


Frances said...

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