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PACE trial's Prof Peter White: Exercise causes Immunological damage in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is NOT safe

Prof Peter White, Prof A. J. Pinching, et al; JCFS 2004.pdf
The main finding of this pilot study was the elevated median concentration of transforming growth factor beta, which seemed to be related to activity. We also found significantly fewer CD3+ and CD4+ lymphocytes and fewer expressing HLA DR, but there was no difference between groups in response to exercise, but no importance should be attached to this in view of the small numbers of subjects in this study.

Finally, we found that exercise induced a sustained elevation in the concentration of TNF-α, which was still present three days later, and this only occurred in CFS patients.

TGF-β was grossly elevated when compared to controls before exercise, and showed no differential response to exercise, but did show an increase in response to the exercise entailed in getting to the study center.

These data replicate three out of four previous studies finding elevated TGF-β in subjects with CFS (6, 7, 9, 10).

These preliminary findings require replication in a larger single blind case-control study before we can judge their significance, particularly since we were aware of case-control status for some subjects.

These preliminary data suggest that “ordinary” activity (i.e., that involved in getting up and traveling some distance) may induce anti-inflammatory cytokine release (TGF-β), whereas more intense exercise may induce pro-inflammatory cytokine release (TNF-α) in patients with CFS (21, 28, 29).

The causal mechanisms involved and the direction of the relationship between these mechanisms remain to be elucidated. Altered cytokine balance, for example, following an infection, may modify the threshold at which cytokine release occurs with exercise or activity, setting up a vicious circle. These processes could contribute to the postexertional
malaise, myalgia and the central fatigue that characterize CFS (1, 2, 4). Future studies should study patients at truly resting baseline levels, over a longer time-course, and should examine gene expression of cytokines, as well as circulating levels (17).

My note: nothing of this sort was done in the BOGUS PACE trial yet this study and the PACE trial were done by Prof White !!
So this study clearly showed that GET is harmful, yet pacing is not !!

Also, why did the PACE trial NOT check any cytokines in their so called CFS patients ? Too many vested interest at stake so it seems ...

WHITE JCFS 2004.pdf
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Cort said...

That was something! Who would have thought...(Ha!) Too bad it was published in the JCFS - which is not accessible on PubMed....of course studies are now regularly showing problems after exercise...something Mr. White seems to have forgotten.

Dr Speedy said...

Yes Cort who would have thought that


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