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Symposium: ME-dical malPRACTICE in Belgium's ME/CFS reference centers

Symposium reference centers and CFS policy in Belgium: ME-dical malPRACTICE.

by XMRV Global Action on Friday, March 25, 2011:

Referentiecentra en CVS beleid in België: ME-dische wanPRAKTIJKEN.
Friday May 27, 2011
Antwerp, Belgium

Thanks to cath for the link and to magnetronnie for the translation found here:,6449.msg75020.html#new

Target audience:
This symposium is intended for politicians, journalists, doctors (insurance physicians, specialists, general practitioners) and patients who want to know about the far-reaching implications of the current (bio) psychosocial policy and the alternative, a medical-oriented approach (research, diagnosis and treatment) that has a much better better chance.

1. The scientific status of ME/CFS.
Maes: biomedical explanation of ME/CFS.
Twisk: CBT/GET as treatment for ME/CFS.

2. The power and impotence of the (bio) psychosocial school.
Hugaerts: theory and practice (RIZIV = institute for social security in Belgium).
Uyttersprot: about opposition by the RIZIV.
Coucke: about the medical practice and opposition
De Bock: about the objectives of the "wake-up call" movement.

3. The effects of malpractice of the current approach.
Maes: about fraud committed by the Belgian government.

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