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Danish hero Dr Stig Gerdes

Stig Gerdes response to psychiatrist Per Finnish indklagelse on Medical Ethics Board. 
Dear Per Fraulund Sorensen
Secretary for Medical Ethics Board
Thus my answer to Per Fink's complaint against me.
Stig Gerdes
Medical Association / Medical Ethics Board
Kristianiagade 12
KD-2100 Copenhagen
Dear Colleagues
Psychiatrist Per Fink (PF), have summoned me for Medical Ethics Board on 24/06/14. Below is my rebuttal to the Sound:
The psychiatrist PF claim that I should have 'whipped' a mood against him and his diagnosis, which is a totally unjustified accusation. I'm talking about the problems I see my patients encounter in the social system.
Now PF has ridden a wave of tailwind for 15 years despite the lack of evidence and despite opposition from the very beginning of the disease groups and patient groups whose physical WHO recognized diseases are included in Functional Disorders (FL).
But now, the resistance gradually grown very large, including with the help of groups on Facebook that makes it possible for people to communicate freely and quickly on the subject. And now counts resistance gradually over 70,000 people and 25 patients groups, [1], [2], [3] so now you can no longer hide the resistance and think that it's just a few 'patient-activists' or some' get sick people '(PF manipulative and insulting term for them), which is behind the resistance.
Politicians who was present at the conciliation of functional disorders 20.5.2014 is also very knowledgeable on the subject now. [4] were asked critical questions across the political spectrum from the City of V to SF and V. Opponents counter many, many citizens and politicians while the Minister of Health at the conciliation very embarrassing only read from the Research Centre for Functional sufferings (FFL) and the National Board of Health letters. But he said at one point: "Why do politicians so much about it when I have not been informed" .. it surprised him apparently. His officers had dressed him very badly on. It was embarrassing to watch.
Opposition to FL is paving the way to the top, which, however, stubbornly maintains the concept, but it is only a matter of time, the number of opponents is growing day by day, and at one point the Minister of Health and the Health Protection Agency surrender because they simply can not defend the concept when the FFL is unable to produce evidence.
The 'patient activists', PF refers is seriously working citizens, most of whom are sensible citizens who are advanced in years. Many have felt the adverse effect of diagnosis FL has on their cases at job centers with psychiatric 'treatment' and the consequent delay of their cases. They are incredibly knowledgeable about FL and FFL and they do not like the concept and its effects, including that there is a recoding of their WHO recognized physical diagnoses for FFLs psychiatric diagnoses, which people regard as an abuse and improper treatment and case management where their legal and human rights are violated.
The so-called 'major activity' on social media, I have not started, it was started, when I came to, and the 'activity', which takes place on FL, takes place solely because many citizens are against the concept - and felt the consequences on your own body.
I do not think my posts are hateful, but informative, and I do not think I harass PF, but I inform about his FL-concept.
I have not yet PF got a link to the article where the BDS patients were alleged to have been described as "quack quack" in Ekstra Bladet, and I am not responsible for what is written in Ekstra Bladet, the articles I have written or seen.
PF says he is not able to comment on a specific patient's case, but that is precisely what PF is doing in this article in Dagens Medicin, 06:06:14.:Http:// opinion / debate / increase gerdes-is-with-to-escalate conflicts / and this is the article that I answer, which of course must be fair. Also, I have close contact with Karina Hansen (KH) family - as PF does not hiding behind secrecy to avoid answering my criticism.
PF has changed KHS WHO recognized physical diagnosis Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) to a pseudo-psychiatric diagnosis: Pervasive Arousal Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).
How could PF claim that there has been no coercion in the case of KH? When you get picked up by 5 police officers against his will, then it is forced. If the patient is not subject to compulsion, so should the family and the other free to visit KH, but they will not be allowed.
Both KHS parents and Rebecca Hansen, President of the ME Association, has tried to visit KH, but were stopped before they came in to her. And the whole case hinges visit, because you can not be allowed to take legal action for KH, unless you can get a power of attorney from her, and it prevents psychiatrists effectively with their visit ban. And the guardian, in my opinion, is granted illegally, will not help with that, then the case is locked. It is an utterly unreasonable case. KHS human rights and the rule of law is violated so thoroughly that a similar precedent has not been seen in Denmark in recent times. The case needs to the extent of a court decision, and I am not alone in thinking. Read lawyer Keld Parbergs speech from consultation on FL. [5]
I make the case for KH at least as accurate as PF (who says he should not mention the matter, but do it anyway) because I work with the young woman's parents.
In addition, KHS mother about a patient's history with the names of the accused doctors, as she believes that the time has come to establish the full truth out. PF can not expect any proprietary notices from the mother's side as she obviously believes that it is a gross abuse has happened across her ME-ill daughter. The letter is not an 'indictment' but a record of actual events seen by parents.
I encourage the Medical Ethics Board to read the parents' letter carefully, because there are violated basic rules of medical ethics activities in this case. Only the lack of compulsory admission paperwork is a crime that should never have taken place. Are the papers, I prefer this item back, but until then I maintain the illegality of this procedure.
We have already seen that the ME patient gets worse by graded exercise, and some have even died in psychiatric compulsory treatment. And when no one can be allowed to visit KH PF and Niels Christensen Balle, then appear PF claims KHS health precisely only as allegations without proof.
In my article in Dagens Medicin, 20:06:14: I have offered PF to have the matter of KH out of the world by offering a meeting between PF, the parents, legal guardian, the leader of
Hammel Neuro Center, lawyers and myself, but unfortunately it is not received by the PF that instead of working with me have summoned me for Medical Ethics Board. Such a meeting would also reveal KH mode. Why should her parents and family did not visit her?
PF obviously does not want to engage in a dialogue on FL and treatment of KH. But I want to point out that it is not prohibited for physicians to engage other physicians, not secrecy, in a communication about a patient. And I would also point out that it is not illegal to raise money for a lawsuit.
Again and again, and thus also, claiming PF that FFLs scientific articles are available on FFLs website, but it is a 'truth' with modifications, you will find a survey on the page you want to read, so there is a link to it, but you have to the library to see it. And in the articles, there is no evidence that their psychiatric treatments should work on physical illness such. irritable bowel syndrome, whiplash, ME and fibromyalgia. If you request specific studies, for example. about the large percentage of patients with the 4 mentioned diseases FFL has healed, you always get just a reference to the website where you saw themselves lacking in the amount of titles and not readily available articles about psychiatric treatment. One gets the impression that the motto is: Led yourself for what you want to read about and see if you can find it ..
If HPV sufferers are not in danger of having a functional diagnosis, so I do not know what the doctor Marianne Rosendal from FFL and the President of DSAM makes a TV2 reports about the HPV vaccine about a girl who has been injured by the vaccine . It appears clearly in the feature that the HPV vaccine can induce functional modes according to Marianne Rosendal explain how the HPV vaccine "is merely the trigger for something that is already latent in the body" [6]
I would draw attention to § 6 and § 7 of the Medical Association's Code of Ethics, which I do not think that PF meet:
§ 6 "Duty to publication of research results. A doctor should present any research results, both positive and negative, as quickly as possible and professionally responsible manner. The presentation should generally be in the appropriate form for a medical forum before it is announced to the public. "
These were at odds with numerous attempts to obtain documentation of how many of the various annexed physical illnesses, which have succeeded FFL to heal, and perhaps especially where many have failed to FFL cure.
§ 7 "Medical independence, impartiality, etc.. Stk. 1: A doctor should be called upon to guarantee the independence of extraneous interests that could affect the physician's ratings and actions. Physicians should the public be independent of ties to industry or for doctor-patient relationship extraneous interests. "
Free drugs and large sums of money from the Lundbeck Foundation and many, many millions of TrygFonden, I could imagine the impact on PF research. Lundbeck, would like to sell psychotropic drugs, and Tryg Insurance companies that have great pleasure of psychiatric diagnoses that do not trigger health insurance and workers' compensation insurance and Tryg Foundation, which finances the letters that support FFLs interests in functional disorders, for example. TrygFondens Launching a disability pension, Sick, but no diagnosis, 2011 and Functional symptoms and disorders, 2012 and Clinical guidance in general practice, functional disorders, 2013.
That, I think, shows that the FFL and PF is certainly not "independent of ties to industry or for doctor-patient relationship extraneous interests."
The extensive documentation PF claims to be in possession of, can not be found, neither of Central Denmark Region, the Board of Health or the Ministry of Health, and neither of the Capital Region. [7]
I have deep respect for sick people, otherwise I was not a doctor and I am convinced that PF 'treatment' of patients is based on a wrong basis, and I doubt that very many of them become healthy after PF treatment. I still want to see evidence that FL is scientific and evidence-based - I hope the Medical Ethics Board can wring them out of the PF.
PF lose focus when he calls my criticism of "violent attack on a vulnerable group of patients." I do certainly no outcome against patients, I question the PF treatment of physical illnesses.
PF claims that 'my campaign', as he calls it, has created insecurity among his patients. I can with even greater emphasis argue that PF creates insecurity among citizens with chronic physical illnesses across the country, as they are constantly exposed to physical diagnoses converted to psychiatric diagnoses of PF and PF sympathizers, which is also extremely unsafe for followed by only psychiatric treatment - and significant risks for misdiagnosis.
The truth is that consultation, conciliation, many newspaper articles, more than 70,000 opponents of PF Concept and PF responses to my criticism has had a major impact in the population. Disease groups pelvic instability, migraine and hopefully soon tinnitus deleted from the PF list of FL, and it is just the beginning - all patient groups for the WHO recognized physical diseases on the list want to have their disease removed from the PF list.
You can not stop the public debate and freedom of expression, because a group of patients and some physicians prefer to see their self-invented diagnoses elevated to the truth. It is freedom of expression, psychiatrists basically going for. For those wanting to silence critics, including me, but they have no right.
I am convinced that most patients prefer to be open message about their situation and that honesty is the best. One should not "impose a patient information, as this obviously does not want," reads § 3 in medical ethics, which I agree with, but you will continue to meet fierce opposition FL on social media and the opposition will not cease, even if I do not participate in it so that PF mission of trying to silence criticism will not succeed, even if PF wants to spare his patients for it. PF and his patients have to face the world as it is, like everyone else.
PF clinic, in my opinion, must be transformed into a private clinic with "alternative medicine" (for that is what it is when he 'treats' physical illness with psychiatric methods without evidence that it works). Job centers should stop references to the Finance Bill, because it is an assault to refer physically ill people to a psychiatrist if they do not want to. These references are used to draw social cases protracted.
A major problem is that doctors use FL as umbrella diagnoses when they can not find out what the patient suffers. This helps the doctors' diagnostic ability and sharpness is weakened because they accept FL as a sufficient diagnosis, despite the fact that the patient has another condition.
FL saves the health care system for animal studies to diagnose patients with such. chest pain that would otherwise require a considerable amount of research using cardiac specialist tools lung examinations and mammograms, etc., etc. If the patient then later die either acute myocardial infarction, in the lungs or breast cancer, it's just too bad they had the a diagnosis, just the wrong one! The doctor was wrong - it happens. Adverse events .. It is medical ethics and lægemoralsk irresponsible!
See additional documentation here. Article: Functional disorders - The Emperor's New Clothes, (was not included in the Right arrow when the debate on the subject was already in Dagens Medicin):
§ 3 pcs. 3 The medical ethics of criticism of colleagues that PF have summoned me to break, reads:
"In making criticism of a colleague's medical establishment should criticism be designed in such a way that the criticism does not create unnecessary insecurity or lack of confidence in patients, relatives or the public. A doctor should not ordinarily given to patients and their relatives make derogatory statements about a colleague's professional qualifications. "
This I think I can refute completely. I do not introduce any derogatory statements about PF professional skills towards my patients. I not mention, recommend or speak against PF treatment towards my patients and I treat obviously not my patients with PF methods.
There is a caveat: "in general". This is an extremely un-common situation. It does not happen often that a psychiatrist obtained with treatments without being able to produce evidence that the treatments work, and which has had such great power of the region that PF has, according to the compulsory detention of KH. And here comes the concept of "in general" into. A doctor ie, an obligation to say no, if he believes that patients exposed to unproven treatment, and he has the right to follow his conscience. If atrocities occur, it is every physician's duty to speak out, therefore this add "in general". I mean, I'm from in a most un-common situation.
I have as a citizen's right to have an opinion and to express myself. What PF wants is to stop criticism of FL and prevent free speech on the subject, which is neither reasonable nor possible.
My reasons are quite simple: I'm more responsible to my Hippocratic Oath, my ethics, my conscience, morals and my patients than to PF and his concept, promoted and disseminated throughout the health care system, where the best of my knowledge do not belong.
My conscience tells me to do what I do in a U-common situation, and if I did not follow my conscience, I would appear false, both to my patients and myself. And as long as PF can not put up with clear-cut evidence for its treatment, so I believe that it is time that the medical profession stand up to this concept, as injuries and violates patients with incorrect diagnoses and treatments.
Medical Stig Gerdes
Danmarksgade 11, 1 TV.
7000 Fredericia
[1] Letter from Hanne Holst Rasmussen and 16 patient organizations:
[2] See attached file when the link has disappeared from the web
[3] See the attached file when the link has disappeared from the web
[4] Link to The consultation on FL:
[5] Attorney Keld Pars's speech at the hearing on FL:
[6] Medical Stig Gerdes, 'symptom researcher' Marianne Rosendal from FFL and the President of DSAM TV2 about the HPV vaccine, FL and FFLs filter theory:
[7] No evidence of FL from Central Denmark Region, the Board of Health or the Ministry of Health:


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