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Realpolitik and ME ...

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8 November 2005, Realpolitik and ME
By: Martin J. Walker

The campaign to de-construct the neurological illness ME, to ridicule its sufferers and, in the process, to redefine a growing body of ‘mentally ill’ subjects, began in the mid eighties. The principle character in the British campaign has been Professor Simon Wessely. Over time, however, the ‘psychiatric lobby’ has gathered new adherents and a large, increasingly organised body of combatants.

The psychiatric lobby is now marked by its financial power – over 11 million being funnelled into the network of clinical centres and funding provided by the Medical Research Council (MRC) to carry out the PACE and FINE trials; its roots in major medical research institutions like the MRC and increasingly its links to corporate lobby groups funded especially by the pharmaceutical companies.

The patient, or ‘sufferer’ group which has been forged simply by its opposition to the psychiatric lobby, has inevitably consisted of disparate groups and individuals. Inevitably, because unlike the psychiatric lobby, this grouping has no common ideological purpose nor does it have a hegemonous leadership. Mainly, as well, this group is composed of people who are ill or their carers, circumstances which leave little room for organised campaigning.

The only two defining criteria of this group are, first, they seek effective treatments for ME and second, they have pressed the research community to carry out physical research in order to find the organic causes of ME.”

Now let me tell you a little story. Doctor CBT, a psychiatric registrar, grows dissatisfied with the limits of traditional forms of knowledge—logic, medicine, law, and religion—and decides that he wants to learn to practice magic.

His friends, Charles BeaTme and Christopher Blows his own Trumpet, instruct him in the black arts, and he begins his new career as a magician. Meanwhile, Gill's Eager Tongue, CBT’s servant, has picked up some magical ability and uses it to press a clown named NICE into their service.

Armed with his new powers and attended by GET, CBT begins to travel. He goes to conferences, makes himself invisible, and plays a series of tricks. He disrupts the lives of ME patients by telling porkies and drowning their disease in a hospital pool. Following this incident, he travels around the world, with his fame spreading as he goes along.

Eventually, he is invited to the golfcourse of the Ministry of Denying Illnesses and the Uhum people who hate to pay out. CBT conjures up an image of ME that is so far beside the truth that people are impressed and believe him. A patient scoffs at CBT’s powers, and CBT makes antlers sprout from his head. Furious, the patient vows revenge but being bedridden this is quite difficult, but once in bed, he is out of sight and one problem patient less to deal with.

CBT then goes on with his travels, playing a trick on a group of ppppphhhhhysicians along the way. CBT sells them a disease called ME that turns into Yuppie Flu when CBT-ed and GET-ed into a newspaper article or medical research paper.

Eventually, CBT is invited to the court of the Duke of Nothingness, where he performs various feats. An ME patient shows up there unexpectedly, along with a few carers, and various others who have fallen victim to CBT’s trickery.

But CBT casts spells on them and all end up in GETanomo sectioned by judges who are scared that they might be send there themselves.”

Now you might think that I have invented this story, but it is the famous story, slightly changed by ME, of Dr Faustus, and you can read the PLOT here…..

In the mean time though there is actually a mitochondrial (dys)function test available for this hysteria and suggestibility, that can show that there is a problem in the power stations of ME patients, and yes, you cure those power stations with talky talky wishy washy by CBT illusionists.

A bit like when they had The Chernobyl and Harrisgate problems, this miracle CBT worked wonders then as well ....

Now if you want to know more about these MITOCONDRIAL tests, just click here and you will find more on Dr Myhill’s site or if you click here you will learn more about the Acumen laboratory that does the testing. Many thanks to the ladies who kindly send me the info..

And if you wonder why the research from the MAGIC CBT Kingdom is so terribly flawed etc, then here is the possible ANSWER...............

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Chronic fatigue syndrome at the RSM ...

There has been quite a bit of press lately about the CFS conference brought to us by the psycho boys at the club of physicians.

Now I have highlighted in an earlier BLOG what a delightful programm they have put together and after seeing Dr Enlander’s email to the Editor of The Daily Telegraph who knew more about ME as shown in their recent article then the CBT brigade put together after decades of porkies and so, I decided to have a look at the site of the physicians and it is amazing if you do that. Let me just quote the text from their site, and then see what you think:

"Chronic fatigue syndrome
Monday 28 April 2008
Venue: The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE

The aim of this meeting is to take a broad look at chronic fatigue syndrome, examining its nature and definition, pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical assessment and diagnosis, the patient perspective, and various approaches to treatment. This is a scientific conference and there will be an emphasis on an evidence based approach throughout."

So, the aim is to have a broad look and the way you go about that is by only inviting CBT people. Which is the logical way of doing things obviously.

Apparently it is a scientific conference but all evidence is excluded from being told to whoever forked out some money to be there…

Now, if you read the following very careful then they should send all the CBT people home again. You see, they say the emphasis will be "on an evidence based approach throughout."

As there is no evidence for CBT in ME it will be a conference without speakers, must be very interesting… also very interesting is the wording “various approaches to treatment” by that they mean CBT, CBT, CBT, CBT, CBT, CBT, CBT, GET, GET, GET, GET and nothing else…

Now I must say the most interesting wording however is “clinical assessment,” do they mean by that to throw kids in the pool, GETting children taken away from their parents and forgetting to read a proper guideline so they actually know what ME is before they see a patient???

Trying to exclude all other diseases or will they continue as they have been doing by making the waste bin as large as they can by telling docs not to do any investigations and so, so that a lady is being diagnosed with ME, yet it turned out to be a slow working thyoid that was easily cured once the doc got the hang of the medication ie thyroxine dosage. It only took 12 years of misery, before a curious doc thought, lets do some tests.....

It is a bit like saying you go on a safari in Africa to see wild lions, but as those animals might be dangerous you first change the name to wild animal, then you change the definition to an animal that can walk and then you come home with pictures of a one inch tall penguin for that matter and you say, look I was just a yard away from this wild animal…. And see, he is not dangerous at all…

And before you write, yes I do know that you won’t see many penguins on a safari in Africa, at least I think so....

But in short this is delusional sychiatry, at its best, brought to you by the physicians who have always wanted to be a psychiatrist but didn’t dare to tell their parents that, as the general idea is that it is difficult to say with certain psychiatrists if they are the doctors or the patients ... And no this is not a joke, just go to a psycho conference and have a look at a hundred psycho boys and then you will know as well... Yes I know, there are many normal and pleasant psycho people who can still think and so, but at the KINGDOM of delusional psychiatry you won't find them, it is that simple as the Clarkman would say.

But please don’t tell professor CBT this or the physicians as they might feel haraassssseeedddd and so…

So if you do go to the Society, either to see a conference without speakers, or to protest, please be quiet, otherwise you risk being locked up in GETanomo for asking questions or should I say asking questions that any normal human being or a good doctor, who wants to know something about any disease in particular and ME in general, should ask, or is it the other way around, uhum, funny thing that malingering…

Oh and please remember that if you do go on the 28th , or you have to see a CBT fanatic for a neurologial illness at any other time, that you do what this guy is doing, the best protection against delusional psychiatrists there is,.... by far…..









Friday, March 21, 2008

Curing the sick is not important anymore apparently ...

If you really think about it it is no wonder that the psycho brigade don't know what ME is let alone what a chicken and an egg are. I even wonder if they went to medical school as apparently two psychiatrists who advise insurance companies and so have said that we shouldn't cure the sick anymore...

Apparently that is what being a doc is all about in this day and age. It is all about media coverage and telling bogies and so...

Now someone was very kind to send me the following picture, and it becomes clear straight away why the docs don't know anymore what a chicken and what an egg is, it is that simple, just have a look yourself............







Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The CBT way of doing things ...

Now we all know that the College of physicians is being kind to their CBT friends at the end of April.

What I didn't know was that in 2001 for example they held the same conference with the same sort of speakers.

There was even a professor there who liked CBT so much that he told everybody that ME in children did NOT exist but that these kids had to be send to Munchhausen to live by the river Proxy.

Obviously they never found it, as this is all part of a delusional fantasy by psychiatrists who have so many vested interests that they deny anything their insurance companies want otherwise they will hire another psycho boy. It is that simple.

A psychiatrist who is hired by the industry for example to speak about a happy pill, can earn thousands of pounds/dollars, for one talk only, but only if he won't be critical. If he is, they won't ask him to come back for more you see .....

Some of you might know that 001/7, our very own 007 has got ME and his bosses are silly enough to know that he has a major problem. He used to be the best and fittest of all the 007's and if he would start to run he would run the 100 meters almost as fast as any sprinter without steroids....

He was that good, but since he has fallen ill with psychiatric suggestibilty, or was it after eating the wrong sort of egg that infected his body and now the farmers aka doctors don't know if he is a chicken or an egg...

And yes, he knows and we all know that there are major abnormalities in his cells and in his body but to psycho minds there is nothing wrong with him. They call it a science, but we all know that psychiatry has nothing to do with science but is all about how one person, also called a psychiatrist, perceives what another person tells him. And that varies in time and place.

Just look at homosexuality, some whisper that Freud was one himself, and that is why he was so against it, and until recently that was actually in the psychiatric manual of who should be called crazy and who would be passed as sane...

Now the most amazing thing if you talk about this subject is an American Republican lady called SALLY KERN who was so fond of them that she said that the world would be destroyed, or words to that effect, by homosexuals.

And then she discovered that her own son is a homosexual...

Now the only way forward for ME is a similar sort of thing, i.e. someone close to a CBT delusionist GETting ME as well.

Part of ME hopes that will never happen, as I know what a delightfull business this is, but on the other hand if you know how much money from for example the MRC is being wasted on CBT and other silliness, and that there is a moratorium on proper ME research to find the cause and a cure then you might think again.

Now 001/7 has been quite busy behind the scenes lately on the one day a week that he can do something. As you know on the other six he needs to recover from whatever he has done and that is the normal sort of way healthy people life as well, at least according to delusionists.

He has been to the College of Physicians, has even send them an email and so about their psychiatric fantasies, but so far no one has responded to his kindly worded email.

Which is a similar sort of strategy as used on many occassions by professor CBT and his mates.

But that didn't stop 001/7 from using sneaky tricks he has learned from .... and he has found a very interesting promotional poster for the psychiatric fantasies at the end of April, that he wanted to share with you at any costs.

So please have a look, and see what you think.

As regards to the farmers aka docs who like chickens but don't know the difference between a chicken and an egg, I would suggest to go to a farm and have a look, it is that simple...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Who are we fooling?

I just came across a number of great rapid response in the BMJ when I was having a look at the recent hype, if antidepressants work or not and this is part of one the response writen By: BM Hegde, Retd. Vice Chancellor, Mangalore-575 004:

“Mental aberrations like terrorism, robberies, crimes of all kinds and social unrest begin with oppression, suppression and denial in the first place.”

Now why does that remind me of the tactics by our beloved friends, suppress and denial, sounds very much like the start of delusional psychiatry don’t you think??

“Medical science of today is just a statistical science and not true hard science. Have we not treated SMON as a slow virus disease till it was discovered to be an ADR? Did we not treat pellagra and beri beri as infectious diseases for a long time with dangerous arsenicals etc? Did we not teach that liver pumps blood around the body for centuries?

To dwell in the field of the known is not progress. To dare to get into the dark allays of the unknown is true scientific adventure. Werner Forssmann would have been a simple German country doctor if he did not dare to push the urinary catheter into his own heart to get a Nobel. Progress is refutative research.“

Now the thing is, the GOBSART Academy award brigade of denying what is real, and their psycho buddies have said many times that you should not test people you suspect of having ME or CFS as they like to call it.

You see, the bigger the waste bin the better and the more victims they can find for utterly useless CBT as that means more money for delusional minds so they need to keep on telling these porkies as often as they can otherwise...

Now when I did psychiatry as a doc, we would always do an extensive array of blood testing if people were referred and especially if they were admitted to the ward with any mental health problem as the diagnosis from the GP. And I can’t remember how many times people who were depressed according to their GP actually had a thyroid problem to mention just one thing and once that was sorted the depression was gone as well.

I can even remember that elderly patient who went completely bananas, no other word I am afraid.

Now if we would have listened to these delusional psychiatrists we would never have learned that the basis of his bananas was actually a severe anaemia and once he had a few blood transfusions, difficult with someone who was pulling the drip out all the time, he was as good as gold and back to his usual self, now all we had to do was figure out why he had the anaemia.

But if we would have followed the delusional way of thinking, he would now still be on anti psychotics for that matter and might be as stiff as a plank due to their side effects….

And I fully agree that would have been the logical and easy thing to do, but then there was this patient who had a problem that needed solving as that is what I always thought being a doc was all about, but apparently not as we all know….

Even when we had the You and Yours on the good old Beeb and the Cee, without the Tea, there were people saying they had been diagnosed with ME, and it turned out to be Lyme’s disease and yes, the only way to find out would be to test for that disease which you can treat with antibiotics in most people…

Now I have also learned that thanks to the delusional way of thinking many more abled bodied persons have been diagnosed with so called ME, and quite a few of those would actually have something we can treat, if only we would do some bloodtests and so.

And even seeing a good psychiatrist and having a depression or a burn out would be horrible but at least we can treat it and I would have long been better and back at work and independent and so again if that would have been the diagnosis in ME case.

And no, I would not have been angry or disappointed that it wasn’t ME, as I now know that is a horrible illness, even though the delusionists want us to think that by talking to us, denying that it exists and blaming us etc, we can GET better.

By GETting better they mean we can except that we have an illness and that is what they call a cure in delusional minds which you can find enmass in the MAGIC CBT KINGDOM and in the College of Physicians, which is odd, as they are normally the ones who like bloodtesting so much, that whole laboratories thrive on physicians…

Now what did this vice chancellor say, “Medical science of today is just a statistical science and not true hard science”, and without people who would want to GET to the bottom of things, the way engineers think, we would never GET anywhere, but I agree, that is the whole point of the delusional way of thinking about ME.

Now luckily, someone was so kind to point me in the directions of a great CBT fan club, yes really, it does exist, but this time I am not talking about delusional GOBSART fellows etc, no I am talking about, oh well, just have a look yourself and enjoy this great video….

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The conference of delusionism at the College of Physicians...

If you are curious about the upcoming CFS Conference at the College of whatever, and you want all the details which famous know it alls about ME will be there, let me help you out a bit. Here’s the line-up of speakers:

Professor CBT talking about I don't know what CFS and ME are.

Professor CBT the 2nd, on what causes malingering and so in psychiatrists....

Professor CBT the 3rd on why collusional delusionism affects psychiatrists when they talk about neurological disorders at a conference at the College of Physicians.

Then there is the approach of denying it all, another one will talk about the highlights in the hair of NICE people, recently acquired to enlighten their friends at the College, then there is the psychiatric approach on how to deny illnesses, there is another professor talking about using CBT and GET to GET someone at the conference the next time who actually knows what ME is, maybe Dr Carruthers or so, yes you are right, that doctor from the Canadian Guidelines who is obviously not there this year as he knows too much about ME and that would be counterproductive.

And then another doctor will talk about what medication is best, to cure delusional psychiatrists....

Oh, and what did Dr Enlander say in his email to the College, no he is not one of the speakers, again, he seems to know a thing or two about ME and that means they don't want him at the conference of delusionism.


I think it is absurd for the Royal Society of Medicine to promote a meeting on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis where the predominant thrust is the psychiatric aspect of this physical disease.

There is enough physical evidence over the past fifty years, dating from Melvin Ramsay’s work in 1955, to show that this is a primary physical problem with secondary psychological depression.

I would presume that the august body, R.S.M., would not hold a cancer forum staffed predominately with psychiatrists. The notion that psychiatrists could treat cancer on the thesis that secondary depression in cancer is the cause and therefore the prime treatment modality. Perhaps you see the absurdity.

Please invite clinicians and physicians to speak at your meeting on the medical aspects and medical treatment of M.E., there happens to be a medical conference on this very subject in Cambridge a few days later, some of the clinicians speaking at this meeting may be interested in participating in the R.S.M.

After all, you are a medical and not a psychiatric society."

Dr Derek Enlander, M.D.,M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Lon)
New York.

And you can mail him and thank him, by clicking on his name: Dr Derek Enlander

Oh, and if you want to read more about this fabtastic event of the year, then just click here for a new ME site about ME Events in the UK. Just found it, so have a look....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Physicians and their so called ME conference ...

As many people might know the Royal College of physicians or whatever they are called are launching a conference at the end of April about CFS/ME, well at least they say they do. If you look at the programm and the list of speakers you'll soon realise that you have arrived at the Malingering conference for delusional psychiatrists.

But what is new after the NICE Giddiliner was launched a few months ago. It must be really great as a psychiatrist to be at the centre of attention even though you are talking about something you have no Fukuda clue about, furthermore it is a neurological illness, well at least it was when we talked about ME, and then you are talking to physicians, so not neurologists etc.

And I can understand their interest, ELEVEN million and counting, so they must hurry to GET a piece of the cake.

Now we have been saying many things for years but one of them is how appallingly bad the CBT-ism articles are. Apparently that is the norm in medicine, yes that is right.

And let me just quote Jeanne Lenzer, a medical investigative journalist from one of the latests BMJ's:

"Firstly, there’s the problem of publication bias, the tendency for positive studies to get published and negative studies to be filed away in a drawer. In the case of antidepressants, a 2008 analysis by Erick Turner and colleagues published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that only 8% of antidepressant trials with negative findings were reported as negative, while positive trials were reported as such 97% of the time."

So studies which say a medication or CBT for that matter do not work are not being reported ..... they are destroyed so that no one will be able to read them....

She continues by saying, "a 1999 study showing that in five top medical journals the authors’ conclusions as stated in journal abstracts either were not supported or were contradicted by data given in the body of the article in 18% to 68% of articles," and yes, my brain automatically thinks about the CBT articles and all the horribilities and mistakes in those.......

It also means that the editors of those magazines were either asleep or on the golf courses or both.....

But there are more interesting things down the ME horizon, you see one stress doctor is saying there is something wrong with a part of our brain, the amygdala, and what do we need this tiny area for, well we have found from animal research that "Monkeys without amygdalas have difficulty learning to associate a light-signal with an electric shock -- and also have difficulty associating a neutral stimulus with a food reward. It has been suggested that the amygdala functions to associate sensation with reward or punishment."

Or as WIKIPEDIA said: it performs "a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions."

So yes, the basis of ME as prescribed by Dr Ramsay or the Canadian ME Guidelines; goodness gracious ME.

But he has more up his sleeve, he mentions that his work is not peer reviewed, a bit like the CBT articles, as the peer reviewer is professor CBT himself, but at least this doc says so, but then he can talk the abnormal brain part back to normal, now, where have I heard that nonsense before ???

Reminds me of ....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Deliberate Deceit or Inexcusable Ignorance?


"Skewed came out at the end of October 2003 and it’s a book about the way that a small group of psychiatrists have tried to control and redefine the illness of ME.” Now the reason why I mention this book again is because it is not only that good, it is also because of some silliness that happened in Drowning Street recently. So please read on.

“What this particular group of psychiatrists have done is to erase ME and subsume it into a whole category of illnesses which they have termed Chronic Fatigue. What was once a very specific illness, with very specific signs and aetiology, has now been incorporated into a massive group of symptoms with one set of treatments being given to all sufferers.

A moratorium has been called on diagnostic testing so that there is going to be no further research, in Britain anyway, into what actually caused ME or what ME is. One of the treatments now prescribed for CFS is graded exercise therapy to get people fit and out of their fatigue.

Especially if you are one of the 25% immobilised sufferers, in considerable pain, why would you want to get involved in graded exercise? Some psychiatrists say that fatigue is all in the mind and the patient has got to be able to conquer it. They prescribe GET along with ‘cognitive behaviour therapy’. The idea is to get rid of false illness beliefs.

SKEWED deals with ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Gulf War Syndrome. It uses them all as examples of how the psychiatric argument is used to cloak any research into organic aetiology. The last thing the chemical companies in Britain or America want to do is admit such a thing as chemical illness because it means a massive liability.”

Now since the politicians have decided to ignore the WHO it has become even more important to read the book and GET a look inside the minds of psychiatrists who are using their brains not as a doctor should do nor as they swore when saying the magic words of the Hippocratic oath…. But since, as we know, that has not only been replaced by the HIPPOCRITIC OATH but also by their wish to GET rich over the backs of their patients.

A very good idea if you are a doctor; and if you don’t believe me, than have a look at the recent article by MARGARET WILLIAMS after the British Government said no to the WHO classification of ME as advised by their friends from the CBT MAGIC KINGDOM who have never seen a person with ME in their life. Well let me correct myself, they saw one once and they threw him in the pool to drown him.

Or was it to drown his false illness beliefs, anyway, they had to jump in and rescue him. Did they learn anything from it???

Yes, how to tell porkies and GET rich and be mean in between. Now the interesting thing is of you read MARGARET’S article that more and more psychologists are starting to realise that this CBT business for ME is all a whole lot of hot air ballooning or balony. I mean sure, you can decork a bottle of wine with the tongue of a well trained CBT fanatic but that is about it. I know the devil is in the details but even the devil is scared of professor CBT and his illustrious gang of porkpie telling delusionists.

From that point of view the LOST VOICES PROJECT by InvestinME is a fantastic project and when it is finished it should be presented to the politicians before one of their own children or loved ones GET ME, it should be presented to the GOBSART fellows and maybe also to all the CBT professor although I realise that that will be calcified as severe harassment and whoever presents it to them is at great risk of being locked up in GETanomo so not a great prosprectus.

Now before I put the link to MARGARET’s article here, let me just put a few quotes from it in my BLOG and amazingly just see that quite a few psychologists have spoken out a long time before the GOBSART Academy came out of the closet with their useless degradation of ME.

There have been a number of articles about the effectiveness of CBT in the last 1-2 years or so and they are staggering and are basically saying what we have been telling the docs etc for years, but as we all know, when we got ME, we not only lost our health and in many cases our independence but we also lost our minds.

Well at least according to delusional psycho ramblers who keep plugging the same old gooblediegoek and nonsense on a daily base. And the reason for that is simple, if they don’t people might start to think again and say hey wait a minute, these people were fit and well all their life, were sporty, didn’t see their GP’s unless it was absolutely necessary and to say now that they have suddenly become malingerers, heart sink patients, professional hypochondriacs and hysterics is to put it mildly odd.

So they have to keep on telling the same porkies every day, it is that simple. You see, otherwise a normal human being, let alone a reasonable doc would not believe delusional psychiatrists……but this way their brains are in sleep mode as that is what happens if you get over flown and drowned by lectures and articles and other CBT nonsense.

Now I have even heard a rumour that NASA is using CBT, yes really. Something to do with some sort of Computer Based Training on a flight simulator and even if you want to drive your motorbike on many circuits you have to follow a course of CBT, Compulsory Basic Training that is, so you know when to brake, when to turn left and when to turn right and so. A bit like getting the basics right before you start to do something. So Professor CBT please take note ....

And yes I have asked these motorbike blokes if they could start to instruct the GOBSART fellows and the CBT fanatics the same thing about the real horrible Me but they were afraid that their bikes would start to rust after being talked to by professor CBT and his mates….

Now, I was even silly to type CBT into Google and look what happened, the NACBT, that is the National Association of CBT people, appeared and what did they say about CBT in the first sentence or so on their website, absolutely amazing, just have a read:

“Cognitive-behavioral therapy does not exist as a distinct therapeutic technique.”

So it doesn’t even exist, so more porkies from the delusionists….. and I bet no one has told the politicians yet…..

Now here is Margaret’s article, or I should say a few quotes from “Deliberate Deceit or Inexcusable Ignorance?”

4th March 2008:The UK Government’s response of 27th February 2008 to a petition containing 8,481 signatures asking that myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) be accepted in the UK in the same category as in the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases was predictable and odd really if you know that in 1988 they passed a private members Bill acknowledging the WHO classification…...

The recent GIBSON ENQUIRY said this about it:"In Britain, there has been a clear historical bias towards research into the psychosocial explanations of CFS/ME. This is despite Parliament recognising ME as a physical illness in a Private Members Bill, the ME Sufferers Bill, in 1988.”

It also said that “The WHO (World Health Organisation) in Geneva holds an internationally recognised classification that ME is a neurological disease."

But as usual the GOBSART mentality and Profesor CBT and his interests were more inportant than patients with a debilitating illness, so nothing new under the sun you would think, well, I would say, just read on because …

“Clinical Psychology Forum 162”, June 2006 (i.e. over a year before the publication of its Guideline), in which internationally renowned psychologists exposed the reality that psychological therapies do not actually work and may in fact harm patients who submit to them.

“Reflections on the practice of clinical psychology” by Bob Diamond (pp 3- 8):

Clinical psychology is part of mental health services that, on occasions, contribute more to people’s distress than provide possible benefits. There are plenty of testaments to suggest that the iatrogenic effect of mental health services contribute to the ongoing damage to people’s lives.

There’s plenty of evidence showing positive outcomes to psychotherapy to be much more modest than our profession has so far acknowledged. We should ensure that our work is based in reality and not premised on prevailing popular, even fashionable, concepts. Whilst specific psychological approaches may continue to offer some help to some people, some of the time, such claims should be more modestly made”.

“Implications for practice” by David Smail (pp 17 – 20):“Evidence for the effectiveness of psychological therapies is far weaker than can be considered acceptable. Largely to avoid these difficulties, clinical psychology has tended to opt for dogma rather than truth.”

“The trouble with psychotherapy” by Paul Maloney (pp 29 – 33):“The supposedly sound evidence base for the effectiveness of the psychological therapies may be far more questionable than is widely supposed. The enduring reality is that the psychotherapy outcome literature offers precious little support for any of the above notions. This is an observation that seems to have been consistently ignored.”

There is also the recent Dutch report of February 2008 by Drs MP Koolhaas, H de Boorder and Professor Elke van Hoof which comes to unambiguous conclusions about CBT…..:

“A striking outcome is that the number of those respondents who were in paid employment or who were studying while taking part in CBT was adversely affected. The negative outcome in paid employment was statistically significant.”

“Overall, CBT for ME/CFS does not improve patients’ well-being: More patients report deterioration of their condition rather than improvement.”

“Our conclusion is that the claims in scientific publications about the effectiveness of this therapy, based on trials in strictly controlled settings within universities, has been overstated and are therefore misleading”. (conclusion by Professor Van Hoof et al).

And to answer Margaret’s question, Deliberate Deceit or Inexcusable Ignorance?

It is pretty obvious what the answer is wouldn’t you say, but be careful professor CBT and his blue vans are always around the corner trying to section more PWME and submit them to torture treatment….

Because destroying one more life of someone with ME is not important to delusional psychiatrists who stand to loose all their primary and secondary gains if the world start to realise what ME really is, very sad but true…

Monday, March 3, 2008

Chickens and ME ...

I have never written about one of the most difficult subjects in medicine until yesterday. Doctors (sexually) abusing patients and then using the oldest excuse in the book that the patient wanted it. Now someone kindly pointed out to ME that I didn’t make myself clear enough.

So let me try to do that today, hopefully this time it will work. If a doctor wants a relationship with a patient and vice versa they should stop the doctor patient relationship immediately. Full stop.

A thirty year old doc should know that let alone a sixty two year old one. If they don’t then the doc is abusive etc. and he should know that having sex in your surgery with a patient is just so out of order that there is just no way you can say that was normal etc.

The reason why I mentioned it is that I find it totally appalling that one doctor is struck off and rightly so but as far as I am aware the others are still practising as if nothing has happened and they are still proclaiming to be the true know it alls about ME.

Well we all know they can’t spell the word let alone recognise the symptoms or a patient with the disease but that was never their intention. Their intention was pure and simple money, power and abuse.

There is no other word in my dictionary for throwing someone into a swimming pool to make him swim as he was only malingering or so.

Sorry, his parents had told him to stop walking, moving his limbs etc. now you would think that as soon as his parents were out of the way, thanks to a silly court order and this young boy was placed into detention, there is just no other word for it, he would start to wlan up and down the corridor of this Kingdom of dreams, this fairytale wonderland that kids have been longing for since they were born.

When I say I have never written about abuse that is strictly not true, GET and to a lesser extent CBT the Kingdom way are utter abuse but then in a different way. But even if ME would be all in the mind, and believe me, it would be much better to have a depression as that is something we can treat as doctors whereas there is no treatment or cure for this exercise phobia. But even if we would be totally bananas how on earth can you forget the basics of being a doctor and treating your patients with respect, yes respect, a word that doesn’t feature in the CBT dictionary to my amazement…..

Now to come back to what I wanted to say, as far as I am aware the only good thing in the GOBSART ME guidelines is the sentence that we can say no to these torture treatments without it affecting our care etc. I don’t know how that slipped into the book of the Useless Academy but most likely they misspelled it and wanted to write that if we say no it will affect our treatment etc but they just made a typing error and then overlooked it while rereading their silly manuscript.

But it could have been there on purpose you might mumble, well, that would be odd if you read the rest and see that they have used hundreds of pages trying to say it is all in the mind without using words to that effect. Forgetting the WHO classification and the minute detail that ME patients can’t be a blood donor.

Now as a GP I would want to know at least the last bit. Even if I didn’t believe in ME, as if it is some form of religion or so, it would mean that some GP’s would have a rethink.

We might be silly but even GP’s who think it is all in the mind ie it doesn’t exist would not understand that if it is all in the mind that being a blooddonor would be out of the question. If it is not a physical illness that can be transferred to someone else there is no reason why you can’t be a donor unless you are very unwell etc.

And most people, including myself, with ME don’t feel ill, we just have numerous horrible symptoms. And then the psychiatric fairytale comes in handy. When I have just managed to get to the toilet and back and my legs are exploding as if they were filled with suicide bombers the false illness beliefs come to my rescue as I realise that the pains are just not there…..

It is like the person with ME who is tube fed, he or she is doing that because that is our idea of having a jolly good time, well that is if you are a GOBSART fanatic and delusional psychiatrist.

And I must say, I can’t wait to Get back on my feet to see the little buggers for real. I might even ask them a question although I have to be careful because even asking professor CBT what the time is might be classified as harassment and before you know it you end up in GETanomo or locked up and sectioned under the mental health act, article 12 that you are not allowed to speak to a psychiatrist or have a different point of view.

If you do so you will be taken away from your parents if you are a child or still under age and as an adult you will get GET and 12-16 sessions of CBT to make sure that you will never ever do that again. Now to come back to abusing patients in the name of medicine or whatever excuse some doctors come up with, I must say I do not understand their motives, drives or whatever.

I always thought you became a doc to help people but I must say since falling ill with suggestibility my eyes have been rammed open as if tomorrow never dies. The more my brain is coming back the more I realise how much utter nonsense we as doctors proclaim.

There are even docs who want to be farmers, now I would say, change occupation and have a nice life, but no, they stay in medicine and liaise with professor CBT in the second CBT wonderland somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Holland.

You see, after ten years or so of medical school and working in hospitals they have invented the chicken and egg phenomenon. And according to them that is the whole crux of ME. The basis of the chics, I always though they were something else but never mind, is very simple.

I was running and training for a marathon, went to see my GP, for which there was no reason as I was perfectly well, and then he suggested, have you thought about ME. It is a delightful soup, full of horribilities, pains, cognitive dysfunction or a brain that doesn’t work, you won’t be able to listen to music anymore, you can forget your London, Berlin, New York, Sydney or whatever marathon you were planning and from now on you will enjoy a marathon in bed.

Depending on how much you like it and how good your motivation is you might end up in bed for the rest of your life, just have a read on the internet, and then come back in a week and I expect you to have the fullblown ME syndrome by then. Now how crazy must you be to come up with such utter nonsense???

Why on earth would I go to my GP if I was well, let alone then take up his suggestion, which a proper GP would never make, to start having a horrible illness…..

But as this comes from professor CBT his clone it doesn’t surprise me as he must invent even crazier things than professor CBT himself as they are both planning to rule the world and use CBT and GET for everything and anything.

From mending broken glass to appendicitis, from cooking your spaghetti to defrosting Margaret Thatcher. And before we know it they are replacing hips as well with their CBT and talking the damaged hip out of the way and the new one back into place, you see, CBT is that good.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Psychiatric collusionism ....

Over the last few months I have written quite a few blogs as part of the Cool Blogging Therapy and I’ve suggested that Professor C.B.T. should go to the Middle East as he is also a war zone specialist or was it that he has never been to one yet he has declared himself to be the Top Dog on the subject??

Silly thing that brain foggy as I can’t remember but at the time it seemed like a good idea to send him there, but as we all know there is still a war going on out there so his CBT has proved useless there as well.

While lying in bed for the last few years I have been thinking and I have come up with a similar plan that has earned professor CBT millions and the reputation of knowing something about a disease he would not recognise if his own wife, children or relatives would go down with it let alone if he would get it himself.

It would be a very interesting proposition to see professor CBT treating himself with CBT because all his articles have been utterly useless and so far beside the point that he then needs CBT to deal with that and come to terms with the fact that he has been telling bogies all his life. And dumping people into swimming pools for that matter.

I have just acquired SKEWED as advised by a friend of mine and it is gob smacking and scary at the same time how accurate Martin Walker describes the process of turning horrible diseases into little more than pigments of the imagination or in the case of Ean Proctor and other children, you completely deny that ME can happen in children, then you blame the parents, and then you take the chid away as a judge will believe a psychiatrist in fear of being send to GETanomo himself….

I can now also proudly announce that I am able to know what professor CBT means when he talks psycho limbo.

When he is talking about false illness beliefs you see we have been wrong about the meaning of that all the time. What he means is that he is wrong and has the wrong idea, it is his way of apologising……

It is the same with the exercise phobia, he is worried that searching the internet and having a look at the Canadian guidelines and also those by Dr Stein for psychiatrists will make him even more of a malingering professor than he already is, so he has put them aside as he is just scared off them.

It is the same about blaming the parents if a child gets ME, you see, in reality he is blaming his own parents for some wrong doing, it is that simple.

And even when he is talking about we are al tired at times, what he means is he is tired of listening to his own porkpies but in the psycho political arena you project that onto your patients, it is that simple.

And what else is he proclaiming???

Oh yes, secondary gains, and again that is so simple I am ashamed it took me so long to realise. He is talking about the ELEVEN MILLION and more as his secondary gains for picking his nose and selling bogies to the world. Yes, a lot of money for bogies, but they are special and come from the nose of a malingering psychiatrist, so they are almost priceless, that is they are worth nothing to a normal person but if you are into denial you like bogies apparently.

And then there are the primary gains, well for us there are none, just like with the so called secondary ones but for the professor there are loads. People pay him to fly around the world to come and tell more fairytales than even the GRIMM brothers would have even imagined that you could come up with and they are so full of nonsense that people listen in astonishment, after all he is a malingering professor and how often do you get the chance to see one in the wild????

And now you also know why the BBC therapist also known as CAPTAIN SLOW or James May is letting his hair grow, it is a natural way of having ear defenders on all the time so he doesn’t hear the professor talk utter nonsense…..

And then there is deconditioning, a modern day version of a shampoo but if you call it a conditioner it sounds more sophisticated and you can tell people that you first need the shampoo and then to sort out the mess created by the shampoo you need a conditioner. A bit like creating a stinking mess with GET and then needing CBT because you have gone from walking with problems to being bedbound……

Now if you think about deconditioning we have so far believed that the GOBSART Brigade and professor CBT mean lazy buggers when they use this word but again that is so silly of us.

You see, a medical disease is also called a medical condition, and we all know that ME is just that. And by deconditioning the professor actually means that we try everything to GET rid of our condition. Yes you finally got it; he is just saying we do our utmost to get rid of this Fukuda ME.

We try monopoly and homeopathy and alcohol and water with a memory, we try the most horrific diets from whoever says they work to GET rid of this silly life thrashing disease, we try Chinese chopsticks and we would even contemplate using depleted uranium if that would help as it is completely harmless but rock solid, a bit like a northern rock.

We try minerals, vitamins and we even eat Candida or avoid it whatever someone tells us too, but all of it is utterly useless. We swallow fish oil as some say that helps for the pain but apart from increasing the pension fund of a manufacturer it doesn’t do anything for ME pain just like Ibuprofen which looks like smarties and are just as effective as smarties.

Many of us even try CeeBeeTea. First we talk to a Gobsart fellow or supporter who is wearing a scarf and shirt with the name of professor CBT on it as if he was David Beckham or another famous footballer.

When that doesn’t work we snort it, cook it and make CeeButter and put it on our sandwiches as if it was peanut butter but even that doesn’t work, I have even made CeeBeeTea and drank that three times a day but apart from turning me into a malingering sod, it didn’t do anything.

A friend of mine suggested using the articles written by the professor in the only suitable way, yes you guessed it, he used them to roll our own cigarettes with the dried CeeBeeTea leaves in them so we could smoke them but apart from almost alarming the CIA that there was a terrorist attack pending it was useless again. Fortunately ET saw our smoke signals and came down from outer space to our rescue.

In other words, when it comes to subject matter I have plumbed the bottom of the barrel and then kept right on going and I am now one of the big contenders for the Mr Superglue crown. But I know that I won’t win that contest as I will be back to a normal form of life at some stage. It is that simple.

Now if you would like to have in inside look into the mind of malingering psychiatrists and how they malinger the world into false beliefs and make the lives of people with difficult diseases unbearable than look no further than Skewed by Martin Walker.

Here is what a reviewer, named Robert Allen wrote about it :
“The chemical industry and its apologists, which include the academic and medical professions, has, in the words of Martin J. Walker, a way of stifling science with cynicism, lies and revisionism.

Newsome and Lonsdale were lucky. The medical profession chose to dismiss them. In different circumstances they might have found themselves "sectioned" and carted off to a mental institution. The stuff of spy thrillers surely. No, the stuff of reality, because you see Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, ME and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity do not exist. They are the figment of tortured imaginations.

According to Walker, "Those who propose the view that these illnesses have a psychological origin, really mean just that - these illnesses and all their manifestations are produced by a disturbance of mental processes, an aspect of mental ill health".

The fact that science has known for a long time that chemically induced illnesses are a consequence of industry and its processes is really not the issue, that issue is liability - who pays? For the majority of the 20th century it was the sufferers of chemical induced illnesses who paid while the chemical industry, the medical profession and the insurance companies carefully and cleverly invented the Big Lie, because they and those who used industrial products, including the militaries of the world, did not want to pay.

This is the essence of Martin Walker's book. Sadly, the history of the collusion between the chemical industry and the medical and insurance professions is not in the public domain. Walker is among a small group of people who have struggled to reveal the cynicism, lies and revisionism, and to give hope to people, including those who have been wrongly accused. This is the real essence of his book, the simple fact that people like Newsome and Lonsdale were not crazy in the head, that their studies based on anecdotal evidence were true, and that chemically induced illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, ME and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity not only exist, they are harming people.

Skewed is an essential text that needs to be available to everyone who goes to college with the ideal in their head that they want to work in the chemical industry or practice medicine. It also needs to be in every major bookstore, and the author needs to appear on tv, radio and in print telling his story. For too long industry and its apologists have dominated the media with their cynicism and their lies.”

Now I was thinking about the story Martin Walker started his book with, it is about Ean Proctor, and the appalling way he was treated by so called medical professionals.

The following is not from his book but gives you a good idea of what went on. Just have read but make sure you hold on to something before you start to read.

“The damaging power of the psychiatrists that has no basis in any credible science has grown exponentially down these years to become a global epidemic. Psychiatry is the one branch of medicine that never has to prove its case and yet is permitted to wreak havoc on the lives of those that it most unjustifiably targets.

We give you as but one example, the case of what was done to young Ean Procter as recounted by his Mum that is a matter of public record on the Isle of Man and everywhere else.

This semi-paralysed eleven year old ME/CFS labelled child was deliberately thrown into a swimming pool by the psychiatrists with no floating aids to see if he would sink or swim, to ascertain whether his paralysis was genuine or not.

This is what these psychiatrists do to children in their atrocious financial championing of 'somatoform disorders'. Ean sank and had to be rescued from the bottom of the pool. These people nearly killed this child in an attempt to try to prove their risible 'somatoform disorders' point. This is what the psychiatrists do to ME/CFS labelled children in Britain, whether their parents approve or not. The cases are legion and still occurring today in one form or another right around the world as I write this to you now.” >>>>> CLICK here for more …..Or if you would want it more arguments and info,
>>>>> CLICK here for more as presented on the Hummingbird ME site…..

Now I just got an email from someone about a 62 year old locum GP who was struck off as he had sex in his surgery with a patient who wanted to have sex with him, then she accused him of rape but withdrew her charges. But he was still struck off, and I just wonder, what happened to the psycho brigade that threw Ean into the water, did any of them get struck off ?????


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