Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Imagine a person with a feeding tube and all we can offer is CBT aka silly psychobabble

CFS Patient Advocate:

Imagine a patient who cannot stand, who has extreme fatigue and must live a horizontal life. Imagine a person who is functionally blind from light sensitivity and eye muscle fatigue and wears a blinder 24/7.

Imagine how this blindness might further limit this person's ability to move. Imagine this person with sound sensitivity so bad that they have to wear earplugs or sound blocking earguards.

Imagine a person whose skin is sore and sensitive to the touch.

Imagine a person who cannot focus their thoughts, has short term memory deficit, or can't speak clearly because of neurological deficits ("brain fog").

Imagine a person who has seizures, spasms and twitches. Imagine a person who has lost their sense of smell - or has hypersensitivity to smells. Imagine a person who cannot speak, or cannot speak above a whisper.

Imagine a person with a feeding tube, IV medication, and oxygen.

Imagine living in a world where things coming in and things going out don't happen. Take a good look. This is ME/CFS at the core. My friends in the UK call it ME. Read more>>

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