Monday, February 21, 2011

Insurance Companies and Valtrex

Posted by cfswarrior:

I attributed my quick recovery and overall improvement in functioning to Valtrex.

The next day I went to refill my Valtrex. And found out my insurance refused to cover it anymore. They did give me 10 pills which I've been rationing like a parched person in a desert rations water.

My ME/CFS doctors' office was able to talk my insurance company into approving 500mg twice a day. For one week I've been on 1000mg per day as opposed to 1500mg. I didn't think the extra 500mg would make that big of a difference.

But it has. I'm now close to being bedbound again. It's frightening and discouraging. Today is my worst day yet.

It also makes me fighting mad that ... Read more>>

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