Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is the XMRV-virus going to behave itself by CBT/GET?

BY: Frank Twisk.


Anonymous said...

Do not fret Dr Speedy!

The fab four super heroes, Weasley, Charlatan, Sharke and Whitewash are even now changing into their costumes in telephone boxes in order to fight this evil.

Anonymous said...


from a planet far, far away, these members of a superior race of little green psychobabblers have been sent to earth to fight the evil XMRV retrovirus with each of their four super powers-

1. the power to tell complete porkies with a straight face

2. the power to hide tens of thousands of people with a serious neurological illness within a vague diagnosis of fatigue

3. the power to magically change both the patient selection criteria and the laboratory techniques of taxpayer funded research projects to ensure no XMRV is found

4. the power to gain and keep the complete support of the UK medical authorities, government, heath insurance firms and larger M.E. charities.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, the dreaded substance, 'biomedical researchonite' from the planet WPI will drain them of their super powers, but only if they are not vigilant enough to prevent it from reaching the UK.

Let us give thanks for our fab four super heroes, Weasley, Charlatan, Sharke and Whitewash - at the forefront of the UK's fight against XMRV.


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