Monday, May 17, 2010

Medical Hate Speech against UK ME patients



Anonymous said...

Thankds Dr Speedy.

This video illustrates the battle I have faced with both severe M.E. and the contemptuous attitudes of doctors for the past 24 years. Not once has any doctor tested me for any of the the persistent pathogens known to be present in M.E. patients.

CBT & GET have made me incredibly ill, but they are all that is ever offered.

The psychiatric profession have stitched up M.E. to use as their cash cow.

Read how a beautiful young woman with everything to live for 'deluded' herself into dying from M.E. here:

Anonymous said...

German study finds XMRV in respiratory tract of immune suppressed patients

(maybe that naughty bad WPI mouse the weasels warn us about has been cross contaminating their lab too)


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